Thursday, June 20, 2019

QSI Toastmasters Club Visit - 5th (Second Round Visits)

Today was my last meeting with the QSI Toastmasters Club as Area Director. I was delighted with how well the officers and members have performed as far as their goals were concerned.

Attending in today's meeting were (L-R): Front row: Mary Rose Bahingawan, Melgie Ponchinlan, Jhoan Caraos-Garcia, me, Jan Peter Dichoso, Katherine Morales Hernandez, Rubilynne Bernarte and Martin Bas. Back row: Aldous Cary Pring, Joel Brian dela Cruz, Raymund Pilapil, Patrick Ciudad, Charles Villena, Kyle Fontanilla, Jason Callos, Earl Anthony Teoxon, Mark Clinton Virina, June Rupert Maulion and Daniel Sumague.

Good Performance by the Club

Why was I delighted? Well, twice in a row, the club has achieved Distinguished status! And for this term, they were able to achieve 6 goals or DCP points! At least 5 DCP points were needed to achieve Distinguished. Congratulations!

The only last barrier that was getting in their way this term was the 12 member deficit which Club President Joel Brian dela Cruz was able to fill. Way to go, Pres. Joel Brian!

Program Role Changes

In today's meeting, I took up the role of General Evaluator - although that wasn't the plan in the program. Since the Toastmaster of the Day, Rouella Esguerra, was unable to attend, it was Martin Bas (shown standing below) who became the TOD. But because Martin was the GE, the GE role was vacated, and I took over.

Exciting Table Topics Session

President-Elect Rubilynne (below-left) was the Table Topics Master. There were four Table Topics respondents: Jhoan Garcia, Patrick Ciudad (below-center), Rupert Maulion and Melgie Ponchinlan (below-right)

First as respondent was Jhoan, but there was a bit of confusion at the start. Below, Rubilynne and Jhoan were conferring with Aldous who was running an application for Table Topics on a laptop.

They were running an application that randomly chose the number of a member attending the meeting and a matching question for that member. It certainly put the audience at the edge of their seats! I managed to take a snapshot of the application's screen below.

Two Prepared Speeches

There were a couple of Prepared Speakers: Earl Anthony Teoxon and Rupert Maulion (below-left). They were evaluated by Charles Villana (below-center) and Jhoan Garcia (below-right), respectively.

Evaluation Portion

Outgoing President Joel Brian was the Table Topics Evaluator. The functionaries for the day were Katherine Hernandez as the Ah-Counter (below-left), Raymond Pilapil as Grammarian (second from right) and Mary Bahingawan as Meeting Timer (right).

Finally, a photo-op with the group before lunch. Thank you for the Tropical Hut lunch treats!

Here's a scanned copy of today's meeting program.

Soar to loftier heights, QSI Toastmasters Club!

And that's... a wrap!