Saturday, June 22, 2019

Division H Turnover from 2018-2019 to 2019-2020

My term as Area Director is about to end (on June 30 to be exact) for the Toastmasters year 2018-2019. And today, we had the Division H Turnover Ceremonies at 7 pm. at the Vivere Hotel Ballroom. This was right after the Club Officers Training 1.

Attending from my home club, the BF Community Toastmasters Club, were (L-R): Seated: Me, Duchess Cruz-Munsayac, Cristina Yung, Marlon Sanchez, Tanya Chloe de Guzman, Ellen de Guzman and Marilyn Malinao. Standing: AD Ed Ramirez, IPDD Dolly delos Reyes and AD Ching Bognot.

(photo credits: Ellen de Guzman)

Not in the above photo, but attending the event, were Jude Ola, Loise Bañez, Leonzo Escolar and DTM Beth Pableo.

To promote tonight's big event, the "James Bond"-like teaser video below was posted a couple of months before.

(video credits: Leah Catapia)

Vivere Hotel Ballroom

I've been at the Vivere Hotel before and it was for the Table Topics Talk for a Speechcraft session. This was my first time to see the ballroom.

(photo credits: Jan Peter Dichoso)

Above, that's Dulce Rañosa and Michael Jacinto chatting. At the right are Jen Espanto, Cecile Reynales, Ed Ramirez, Vangie Pascual and Raul dela Vega.

Parade of Officers

The ceremonies started off with the Parade of Officers, outgoing and incoming. For this, the current, new and past officers lined up at the back of the ballroom and proceed to walk on the red carpet towards the stage.

For Area 73, I'm the outgoing Area Director (below-left). Behind me are Tess Siapno (Incoming Division Treasurer), Pastor Toto Gustilo (Incoming Division Public Relations Manager) and John Jucar (Incoming Area 71 Director).

Outgoing BF Comm Club President Ching Bognot (below-right) is the Incoming Area 73 Director, replacing me. Behind her are Ed Ramirez (Incoming Area 74 Director) and Leejay Perez (Past Area Director).

Shown below in Table 13 are four officers from the QSI Toastmasters Club, one of the clubs in my area (L-R): Rubilynne Bernarte, Alyn Grace Parages, Brian dela Cruz and Mark Viriña. Congratulations, QSI TMC for achieving Distinguished Club status!

(photo credits: Jan Peter Dichoso)

It was my turn to walk the red carpet. Ehem. That's Jan Peter Dichoso from QSI TMC at the back with the blue lens glasses. He took some of the photos that appear on this post. At Table 11 are members from the MicroSpeak Toastmasters Club.

(photo credits: Division H PRM)

I couldn't quite remember what was mentioned by the emcees after our names were called to walk the red carpet. Maybe it's the position and the clubs we handled.

At the stage, we lined up as we waited for the rest of the officers to come in front. That's Jude Ola and Loise Bañez at the lectern on the stage as our genial emcees.

(photo credits: Ellen de Guzman)

For some reason, I kept flashing the double thumbs-up sign and grinning ear-to-ear during the photo-ops. I must have been so damned happy to relinquish my post as Area Director. Haha.

Standing (L-R): Raul dela Vega, Daniel Gorospe, Leejay Perez, Ed Ramirez, Dolly delos Reyes, Anne Macalintal, Ching Bognot, Leah Catapia, John Jucar, Duchess Munsayac and Jen Espanto (partially hidden).

Turnover Ceremonies Main Program

After some more pictorials (and thumbs-up poses, haha), we all returned to our seats to officially start the evening program. Shown below at our dinner table (L-R): Tanya Chloe de Guzman, Ellen de Guzman, Marilyn Malinao, Leonzo Escolar, me, Duchess Cruz-Munsayac and James Isaac Exequiel from Fort Bonficio TMC.

(photo credits: Ellen de Guzman)

The first speaker for the evening was Patrick Azanza (below-left) delivering a keynote speech. Outgoing Division H Director Dolly delos Reyes (below-center) then delivered the Division H Report for 2018-2019.

Following that, Incoming Division H Director Anne Macalintal (below-right) showed a presentation on Division H's Plans and Strategies for 2019-2020.

Turnover Ceremonies Dinner

After Anne's presentation, dinner was announced. The following video was played while dinner was being served. This is a montage of the year's highlight events.

(video credits: Leah Catapia)

Midway through dinner, our hosts Jude Ola and Loise Bañez (below-left) introduced AD Ed Ramirez's son, Lance (below-right), who then serenaded the dinner guests with jazz ballads.

There were plenty of photo-ops right after dinner. Some of those in the photo below are members of another club in my area, the Alabang Community Toastmasters Club.

From left to right in the photo below: Seated: Lilibeth Bonifacio, Beth Pableo, Ed Ramirez. Standing: Nelson Salazar, Leah Catapia, Dolly delos Reyes, Joy Timbol and Duchess Cruz-Munsayac.

(photo credits: Division H PRM)

Finishing up with desserts at our table.

Awards and Recognition

Right after dinner, a special plaque was presented to DTM Raul dela Vega for his efforts in mentoring the clubs in Division H.

The club recognition awards were then presented by Fort Bonifacio TMC President James Exequiel.

Shown below are two clubs, the BF Community TMC and MicroSpeak TMC receiving the Club Signs and Gavel as rewards for being early achievers in the Distinguished Club Program billed as "The Amazing Race" of Division H.

(photo credits: Division H PRM)

After the club awards came a member recognition award called the Triple Crown. This is for those members who achieved three or more norms during the current Toastmasters term.

Projected on the screen behind us are the lists of Triple Crowners per club. If you squint your eyes a little, you could see my name above my head. Haha.

After the awarding of club and member awards, came the inspirational speeches from Past District Governor Dulce Rañosa (below-left), District Director Ann Danga (below-center) and Dina Loomis (below-right).

Final Photo-Op

Finally, a group photo to cap the evening's Turnover Ceremonies. Those sitting at the front row are (L-R): Division N Director Tisha Timbang, Past Division H Director Jeffrey Ganaba, Dulce Rañosa, Marlyn Legaspi, Ann Danga, Richard Cua Ho, Dina Loomis, Anne Macalintal and Dolly delos Reyes.

And that's... a wrap!