Saturday, June 15, 2019

Induction of Officers and New Members 2019-2020

After lunch following the the Club Success Planning session in the morning, we held the handover (turnover?) ceremonies at the same venue in Cassalu with me as the Toastmaster of the Day.

The newly inducted officers are (L-R): me (VP-Public Relations), Marlon Sanchez (Treasurer), Jude Ola (Sergeant-at-Arms), Ed Ramirez (Secretary), Alvin Panghulan (VP-Membership), Loise Banez (VP-Education) and Cristina Yung (President).

Right after the Invocation and Pledge, Past Division Governor Raul dela Vega delivered a keynote speech about sandwiches and a crazy Grab ride to Tagaytay. Shown below is Raul moving towards the audience at the back as he delivered the keynote speech.

President Ching then delivered her Valedictory address. This was followed by updates on club performance.

First to give an update was Treasurer Marlon (below-left) with the financial report. Second was VP-Ed Ed (below-right) for the educational goals.

Instead of the usual conference-style layout with tables in the middle, we opted to have an open layout. We only had one table in front for the lectern and timing device.

Shown below (L-R): Leah Catapia, Raul dela Vega, Anne Macalintal, Dolly delos Reyes, Cristina Yung, Alvin Panghulan and Marilyn Malinao.

This would allow adding in more chairs if more people arrive. Shown below (L-R): Cristina Yung, Alvin Panghulan, Marilyn Malinao, Tanya Chloe de Guzman, Jude Ola, Ellen de Guzman, Glendy Artes, Gigi Santos (hidden), Beth Pableo, Loise Banez, Leonzo Escolar, Renzo Vergel de Dios and Marlon Sanchez.

Then we moved on to the main part of the program which was the handover. The first portion of the handover was the Discharging of Duties and Responsibilities.

For this, we called on all the Outgoing Officers or the officers of 2018-2019 to stand. The discharging was led by the Discharging Officer, Outgoing Division Director, Dolly delos Reyes.

Shown below is Dolly discharging officers of their duties all at the same time. Outgoing President Ching was one of those standing to be discharged.

After the Discharging of Outgoing Officers was the second partion, the Charging (or Induction) of the Incoming Officers. Incoming Division Director, Anne Macalintal, and Past Division Governor Raul dela Vega led the induction.

Each officer was inducted, starting from the Sergeant-at-Arms up to the President. Shown below are Anne and Raul inducting incoming Sergeant-at-Arms, Jude Ola, as Jude held the gavel.

Each officer held the gavel as they were inducted. They then passed the gavel to the next officer to be inducted.

Shown below are the newly-inducted club officers. After all club officers were called, the rest of the members were asked to stand to confirm support to the new club officers.

After the formal induction, the club members went to each officer and offered congratulatory handshakes.

An impromptu ceremony then ensued. As suggested by Area Director Ching, the old set of officers passed the Club Officer pins to the next set of officers.

This was not in the prepared program. These are the club pins that Raul gave us in last year's induction of club officers and new members at Firenze.

Shown below, I pinned my SAA pin on Jude Ola. This was Jude's first time to be officer of the club. Earlier in the morning, I already turned over some of the club materials to him.

Outgoing VP-Public Relations, Cristina Yung, then put the VP-PR Club Pin on my left lapel.

In turn, Cristina received the club officer pin, as president, from AD Ching. AD Ching was happy and made faces at the camera held by Leah Catapia.

Treasurer Marlon Sanchez was BOTH outgoing and incoming Treasurer. So, he transferred his own pin from the left collar to the right collar, much to the amusement of former club secretary Renzo.

So once again, here is the list of Outgoing and Incoming Club Officers for 2019-2020.

PresidentChing BognotCristina Yung
VP EducationEd RamirezLoise Banez
VP Membership Duchess MunsayacAlvin Panghulan
VP Public RelationsCristina YungLes Aquino
SecretaryRenzo Vergel de DiosEd Ramirez
TreasurerMarlon SanchezMarlon Sanchez
Sergeant at ArmsLes AquinoJude Ola


For a handover to be complete, a Valedictory address or Farewell speech will not suffice until an Acceptance speech is given. Hence, one was delivered by President-elect Cristina Yung.

Next in the program would be the induction of the new members. It was the newly-installed club president, Cristina Yung, who administered the induction ceremonies.

Shown below to her left were (L-R): Ellen de Guzman, Chloe de Guzman, Marilyn Malinao and Gigi Santos.

And to her left (L-R): Leonzo Escolar and Glendy Artes.

Too bad, the other new members did not make it in today's induction: Nelle Cirujales, Pat Maliksi, Porsh Maliksi, Lita Hidalgo and Eric Advincula. We missed you guys!

After the induction of new members were the congratulations from fellow members.

It wasn't in the program, but AD Ching wanted a special shoutout for Ed Ramirez. Ed received a token for a special award. And that award is for being able to recruit five new members to the club.

Soon, I noticed that wine glasses were being passed around with wine being poured onto the glasses. Below, Leah seems to inspect what's inside her wine glass.

With everybody ready with their wine glasses, someone had to give a toast. Looking at the program, I was tasked to do it.

But because the program was prepared only today, I was not prepared. And so it was President Cristina who gave the toast. I'm not sure if Leah is having palpitations below.

Everyone had a drink. Mine actually tasted more like sweet sangria than wine. There was more food served at the corner and everyone had snacks after the toast.

Because most of the tables were pulled out from the venue, many had their snacks outside. Shown below: Ellen, Loise and Ed.

Here at BF Community Toastmasters Club, there's always fun, learning and food!

Shown below is the scanned copy of today's Induction Ceremonies.

And that's... a wrap!