Saturday, February 23, 2019

Division H Toastmasters Speech Contest 2018-2019

Once again, the BF Community Toastmasters Club showed its full support, this time for its contestants at the Division H Contest held at the Willis Towers Watson in BGC, Taguig City.

Shown below are the delegates from the BF Community Toastmasters Club (L-R): Front: Ellen de Guzman, Julie Ann Lumaban, Sugar Loise Bañez, Leah Catapia, Russell Santos, Ching Bognot, Glendy Artes with son, and Ed Ramirez. Back: Chloe de Guzman, Cristina Yung, Beth Pableo, me, Jude Ola and Mark Nuqui.

(photo credits: Sigma Toastmasters Club)

(Note: Unless otherwise specified via captions, photo credits go to the team effort of JD Morales from Sigma TMC and Jag Garde from Fort Bonifacio TMC.)

The above photo was taken after the contest proper in the lobby of the 23rd Floor of Willis Towers Watson. The contestants representing our club were: Leah Catapia (Evaluation), Russell Santos (Table Topics) and Ed Ramirez (Humorous & International Prepared). They all advanced to this division level from the Joint Area Contest held last Jan. 26, 2019.

It was my second time to visit BGC, Taguig City. The first time was when I joined a team for a Demo Meeting for the Convey Toastmasters Club in May 10, 2018. Back then it was just known as Continental GBS.

Manning the Registration Table

A few days before the contest, JK and I were assigned to take care of registrations. It was my first time to handle such a role in an event.

I was early, but JK wasn't there yet. It was Cecile Reynales from MSATC who was at the registration table. We both accommodated the early registrants. But Cecile had to leave the table because she was also a contest timer.

The procedure was simple, really. Ask them to sign their name on the blank attendance sheet, ask them to pay the Php 200 registration fee (for the food) and then hand them their prepared name tags/stickers. You do need to be attentive to the cash collection though.

Shown above stopping by at the registration table are: Matt Ventura (Sigma TMC) and Dolly with the caterer, April Salonga.

Preparation for Registration

Just so I was a bit more prepared and organized, I brought along paper bills in smaller denomination (Php 100) so I could give change if people didn't bring small bills.

I also brought a small carton box that became a nifty cash box. It was just to avoid dropping the loose bills from the table. But it also made sorting bills and handing out change much quicker.

Fortunately, I brought along marking pens and masking tapes. I taped a small registration sign ("Register here-Php200") at the side of the table for incoming attendees to see. Of course, the table was nearly blocking the entrance so nobody missed me!

Start of the Contests

James Exequiel (Fort Bonifacio TMC) arrived a bit later and helped at the registration by procuring the morning snacks. That's him (below-left) by the door and inside the venue. That's me sitting outside the venue with just a glass wall in between. Below-right is Contest Chair Dolly giving the Opening Remarks.

Taking the role of Contest Toastmaster of the Day was Ching Bognot (below-left). Below-right in leading the Invocation and TM Pledge is Warren Villaseñor (Sigma TMC).

Contest Briefing and Contest Masters

Shown below-left is Franz dela Fuente (Aboitiz) briefing the contestants. Franz was the Contest Master for the Evaluation Contest. The contestants shown are: Abe Clarito (FDIP), Annette Tayao (Aboitiz), Leah Catapia (BFComm), Patt Jubilado (J&J), Matt Ventura (Sigma) and Nahdiya Betonio (Fluor Master Speakers).

For the Humorous Contest, it was JK Lopez (J&J) who was Contest Master (below-right). That's Murriel Natiola (Microspeak) behind him listening to the briefing.

Below-left is the Contest Master for the Table Topic Contest, Daniel Gorospe (Microspeak). And below-right, that's Leejay Perez (Fluor), the Contest Master for International Prepared Contest.

Spotted among the guests during the TM Pledge were Leslie Saban (Maneuvers), Ida Sih, Ed Fabonan and Beth Pableo (below-left). Also there were: Kate Gapul, Dulce Rañosa, Doni Oliveros, Con Abraham and Malou Ranario (below-right).

The Evaluation contest started with Con Abraham as the Test Speaker.

At the left in the front row are the contest timers (with Cecile). At the right are contestants Annette Tayao and Leah Catapia.

Other Evaluation contestants included Patt Jubilado, Matt Ventura, Nahdiya Betonio and Jun Abe Clarito.

Photos of the audience.

Certificates of Participation

After the contests, it was time to hand out the certificates of participation to all contestants. The first set of certificates were given to the contestants of the Evaluation Contest (L-R): Nahdiya Betonio (FMS), Matt Ventura (Sigma), Leah Catapia (BFComm) and Annette Tayao (Aboitiz).

Contestants for Humorous (L-R): Raul dela Vega (MSATC), Murriel Natiola (Microspeak), Jag Garde (Fort Boni), Ed Ramirez (BFComm) and Annette Tayao (Aboitiz).

Contestants for Table Topics (L-R): Tsarina Saldana (MSATC), Russell Santos (BFComm), Paolo Gabriel (ACT), Leslie Saban (Maneuver) and Anna Guevarra (Aboitiz).

Contestants for International Prepared (L-R): Rico Torres (Microspeak), Raul dela Vega (MSATC), Franz dela Fuente (Aboitiz), Ed Ramirez (BFComm) and Jag Garde (Fort Boni).

Contest Winners

These were the trophies to be had by the contest winners. There were twelve in all: top 3 placers for the 4 contests.

Evaluation Contest winners.

Humorous Contest winners.

Table Topics Contest winners.

International Prepared Speech Contest winners.

The First Place winners will advance and see action in Cebu at the District Contest as they battle it out with the champions from other divisions. Cebu Ta Bai!

Program Quality Director Ann Danga was the Contest Chair and gave a speech (below-left). Past District Director Dulce Rañosa gave an inspirational speech (below-right).

Photo-Ops after the Contests

After the closing of the speech contests, everyone went to the floor lobby for some photo-ops. In the photo below, I gave a Founders Award Ribbon to DTM Lolet delos Reyes of the Alabang Community Toastmasters Club. Shown with DTM Lolet are members of the ACT club (L-R): Nelson Salazar, Estrella Coors, Paolo Gabriel and NJ Celles.

We at BF Community believe this was sent to us by mistake. This was one of two ribbons that DTM Rema Manzano received and then handed to us during the Feb.16, 2019 regular club meeting.

We too were able to have our own club group photo with the club banner (below). Those are the Microspeak guys behind us.

After the photo-ops, we went down to the 21st floor of WTW to have lunch. That's because meals were not allowed in the venue and function rooms of the 23rd floor. Spotted at the back were Ian Along talking to James and Jen Espanto sitting. Jen took care of lettering names on winner certificates.

(photo credits: Mark Nuqui)

For posterity, here's the big group photo taken at the 23rd floor lobby.

(photo credits: Sigma Toastmasters Club)

Finally, the Division H Contest Program.

And that's... a wrap!