Thursday, May 10, 2018

May 10, 2018 Continental GBS Demo Meeting - Creating Effective Visual Aids

It would be a long drive away from home to attend this demo meeting at an unholy hour at that (9:30pm!). A late evening demo meeting that I attended before was also in a BPO company, HSBC Call Center in 2006.

The demo meeting was at Continental GBS at the 9th floor of the Net Lima Bldg. in BGC (Bonifacio Global City). Riding with me was Irene coz I needed someone to keep me awake on the way home - haha. Upon Pres. Leah's request to witness the demo meeting, we picked her up at the Insular Life bldg. in Alabang.

(photo credits: Jeffrey Ganaba)

I was the demo meeting's Prepared Speaker and I delivered my Innovative Planning 3 - Creating Effective Visual Aids speech, entitled "Who's the Lucky Juan?". This is the same prior speech I gave for Connect with Storytelling, but this time with props as visual aids.

With my impassioned face as shown in the above photo, I take on the character of the Spanish waiter (Juan Cortez) as he confronts Juan Luna.

We had the demo meeting at the office's cafeteria or pantry area. Sadly, most of the attendees chose to stay at the back. So I moved the table nearer to them so they would see and hear me better. I didn't use the microphone because I had to gesture extensively.

The main prop I used was the dinner plate with a dinner napkin set on the table. Notice I'm at the center of the room with the projector (used earlier) now behind me.

Moving towards the center of the room to be nearer to the audience proved to be a masterful stroke. The audience were all ears and eyes to my speech and I was able to engage ALL of them. Unlike earlier at the orientation, some in the audience were just chatting and even working on their laptops!

An in-house prop I used was a bunch of fruits (calamansi) I borrowed from the pantry kitchen. I set it on one of the tables on the foreground, near the girl's ice tea drink as shown in the photo below.

In the photo below, I'm listening intently to Pres. Leah as the Grammarian. I'm happy she commended on my use of some Spanish words and phrases to accentuate the speech as well as the clever use of "One" and "Juan" in a play of words.

Too bad Duchess and Jeffrey Lim weren't able to come. But Leah turned out to be quite productive as Timer, Grammarian and Ah-Counter, all rolled into one. 3-in-1, imagine that! Although I exceeded my prepared speech time by 1 minute, I didn't have any filler words!

And that's... a wrap!