Saturday, February 3, 2018

Feb 3, 2018 Club-Hopping at MSATC - Evaluation & Feedback 2nd Speech

After the regular Toastmasters meeting at my home club, I club-hopped over to MSATC which, coincidentally, was having a meeting on the same day. It was a deviation from their normal 2nd and 4th Saturday schedule because of an anticipated conflict with their area contest.

The meeting theme was "Kings and Queens of Hearts" in observance of the forthcoming Valentine's Day. It's my second time to visit the club. My first club-hopping to MSATC was at their old venue.

(photo credits: Anne Macalintal)

Here, I delivered the Part 2 which is Evaluation and Feedback - Second Speech of Innovative Planning, Level 1.

At the break, there was much interest at the table from Toto, Rose and Lito on my speech. Of course, I shared my experiences on Intermittent Fasting with them.

Another highlight (at least for me) in the club's program today was a speech by a former mentee of mine, Anne Macalintal CC CL IPL1.

Her speech is entitled, "More of Les", a speech on Mentoring, Innovative Planning Level 2. The title is a clever play on words and yes, it's about me. :)

Later, I later evaluated Eve's speech. My evaluation, in turn was evaluated by General Evaluator Puela "PJ" Palomino CC.

Shown above is MSATC President Eve Badiola handing out the meeting's awards.

Jesulito Cornejo (Lito) won the Table Topics Speaker award. That's him in the white jacket sharing with me the space inside the "Facebook Best Speakers Frame". It was a delightful surprise for me when I won the Best Speaker and Best Evaluator awards for the night. How cool is that? Super cool!

What a tiring yet fulfilling day!