Saturday, September 7, 2019

Sep 7, 2019 Toastmasters Meeting

It was another full house meeting today with 6 Guests, 3 Table Topics Respondents, 6 Prepared Speakers and Zero Backouts!

Attending in today's meeting were (L-R) Front row: Leah Catapia, Jude Ola and Ralph Lim. Middle row: Ed Ramirez, Jen Espanto, me, James Exequiel, Loise Banez and Alvin Panghulan. Back row: Pat Maliksi, Mother Maliksi, Porsh Maliksi, Charly Azucena, Ching Bognot, Carlo Jabat, Marilyn Malinao, Angel Merilleno, Venneth Santos, Glendy Artes, Ellen de Guzman, Chloe de Guzman, Belle Villanueva and Russell Santos.

(photo credits: Ed Ramirez)

Since Pres. Cristina was out of the country, it was VP-Education Loise Banez (below-left) who opened the meeting. Being the Grammarian, she introduced the Idiom-of-the-Day, "Hats Off to". Interestingly, our club meeting today was "Hats Off to You!" and this was to recognize achievements.

Below right, I took on the Toastmaster of the Day role. There were six guests today and I asked each one of them to introduce themselves, how they learn of the club, and why they would want to join Toastmasters.

(photo credits: Ellen de Guzman)

Two of the functionary role-takers were Marilyn as Ah-Counter and Ellen as the Timer (below). We had to retain only two tables for these two ladies, the timing device, and the projector.

We had too many attendees inside the venue that the rest of the tables had to be pulled out and additional chairs were taken in instead.

(photo credits: Loise Banez)

Educational Portion: Table Topics and Prepared Speeches

ACB Jude took on the role of Topicsmaster and we had three respondents for Table Topics: Russell Santos, Venneth Santos (not related, I think) and first-timer Belle Villanueva (below-left).

For the Prepared Speeches, we had six speakers. The first speaker was Leah. The third speaker with her Evaluation and Feedback Speech was Porsh Maliksi (below-right).

(photo credits: Alvin Panghulan)

The second speech was an Icebreaker entitled, "Below the Surf-ace", coming from sister, Pat Maliksi. Below, Jude excitedly raises his arm when Pat asked the audience, "Who among you here surfs or has tried surfing?"

Area Director Ching was today's fourth Prepared Speaker and she delivered an Elective Speech Project: Q&A. Below, she makes hand-shadow impressions poses some questions for the audience to think about.

AD Ching started off with a rather fun activity for the audience to participate in. Similar to the US TV Program "What would you do?", the activity asked the audience to react to different scenarios involving you as a driver and the traffic light.

So some in the audience went to one side of the room to reply "yes" and to the other side to reply otherwise. You could see I was AD Ching's evaluator as I was still taking notes during the activity!

The fifth speaker was Alvin (below-left) for his Intro to Toastmasters Mentoring speech in Presentation Mastery. The sixth prepared speaker for the day was Ed (below-right) as he presented his HPL The Results speech.

After table topics and six prepared speeches, the group went into well-deserved 15-minute break outside of the "aquarium".

Break Time

Snacks were served al fresco!

We had spaghetti, garlic bread, fried chicken, and choco cheesecake.

The rest of the gang at the other side of the table.

Here's everyone with as much we can fit in the photo.

Evaluation Portion

After the break, it was back to the aquarium to hear feedback from the evaluators and functionaries. Leading the evaluation portion was Jen Espanto (below-standing, in pink) from Metro South Alabang Toastmasters Club (MSATC).

Below-left, I evaluated AD Ching's speech, while Ralph Lim (below-right) evaluated Ed Ramirez's speech.

Today's meeting went overtime, not unexpected with the number of speakers we had. It was a little dark already outside when VPE Loise gave some announcements on membership renewals as well as the upcoming HOT (Headliners of Tomorrow) Rookies Contest.

There were pockets of photo-ops as we were preparing for the final group photo.

Finally, a group photo!

Here's a scanned copy of today's meeting program.

BF Community Toastmasters Club Officers
Club Officer PositionMember Name
PresidentCristina Yung, CC
VP-EducationLoise BaƱez, CC
VP-Membership Alvin Panghulan, PM1
VP-Public RelationsLes Aquino, DTM
SecretaryEd Ramirez, ACG ALS
TreasurerMarlon Sanchez, LD1
Sergeant-at-ArmsJude Ola, ACB
Immediate Past PresidentChing Bognot, PM3 ALB

And that's... a wrap!