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Club Officers Training 1 of 2019-2020 for Divisions H & K

The scheduled registration for the Club Officers Training 1 was at 8 am. As usual, I was early at the Fluor Daniel venue. BF Community Club President Cristina Yung was there already and so we found a table to chat. Outgoing Logistics Manager Daniel Gorospe (below) was around and joined us a bit.

(photo credits: Division H PRM)

Breakfast and Registration

Breakfast was early too. There was a choice of club sandwiches or siopao to go with the brewed coffee. Sadly, I didn't see any more siopao and so settled for the sandwiches instead.

Later, long-time BF Community TMC member, DTM Beth Pableo joined Cristina and me at the breakfast table.

Registration was handled by the Fluor Daniel clubs. I saw Nahdiya Zaheer Betonio manning the registration desk. Later, I saw John Jucar and Ricky Dave Obias.

The club officers from one of my clubs in Area 73, the QSI Toastmasters Club, were early. They had a photo-op during the registration.

Attending from the QSI Toastmasters Club were (L-R): Jan Peter Dichoso, Mark Clinton Viriña, Katherine Morales Hernandez, Rubilynne Bernarte, June Rupert Magulion and Alyn Grace Parages (seated).

(photo credits: Jan Peter Dichoso)

There was quite a good turnout of attendees at the Club Officers Training for both Division H and K. That's me at the back row.

Opening and Start of Program

The Toastmaster of the Day was AD Ed Ramirez (below-left) with his usual afable self. The meeting was declared open by Division Directors Anne Macalintal and Ed Gascon (below-center), for Division H and K respectively.

AD Ching Bognot (below-right) led the Invocation and the National Anthem. For some strange reasons, the audio portion of the Lupang Hinirang video clip could not be heard.

This was the same incident that happened during the Rookies Contest last year. It was Pastor Toto who took charge of Invocation and Anthem then. He even led the beat of the National Anthem by conducting.

Pastor Toto Gustilo led the first energizer or icebreaker of the day. For this, he came up with a Table Topics session.

There were four respondents to the questions that were Toastmasters-related. Those called were Einer "Bunz" Abuyuan from MSATC, Joy Timbol from ACT, Coco Galinato from MicroSpeak and DTM Beth Pabelo from BF Community TMC and Harbor TMC (below).

Presentation of the New Area Directors

After that, District Director Ann Danga with Division H Director Anne Macalintal took center stage to introduce the new Area Directors for Division H.

The new Area Directors are (L-R): AD John Jucar for Area 71 (replacing JK Lopez), AD Leah Catapia for Area 72 (replacing Anne Macalintal), AD Ching Bognot for Area 73 (replacing me) and AD Ed Ramirez for Area 74 (replacing Kates Gapul, but for a different set of clubs).

Morning Sessions

District Director Ann Danga started the morning sessions with a talk on Club Culture. Shown below, next to AD Ed Ramirez, is Past Division K Director Thoto Ferido. At the foreground is Division H Public Relations Manager, Leah Catapia, ever busy with covering the event.

There were three other speakers in the morning. District Club Growth Director Richard Cua Ho (below-left) gave a presentation on Recruitment and Retention.

District Program Quality Director Marilyn "Nene" Legaspi (below-center) gave a presentation on Pathways and BaseCamp. Her assistant for the presentation, Faye Alexandria Sy (below-right), showed and explained screenshots in Pathways.

There was a brief lull before lunch for AD Ching and I. We took that opportunity to talk about the Area 73 clubs as part of my endorsement to her. The tables near the food area were empty and so we took our discussion there (shown below).

Just when AD Ching and I were about to wrap up in our discussions, TOD Ed Ramirez announced that lunch was about to be served!

As the queuing had started, AD Ching and I separated. I went ahead and fell in line while AD Ching went down from the venue.

There were some quick photo-ops at the food line. Here, I had a brief pictorial with the officers of the QSI Toastmasters Club and Outgoing Club President Joel Brian dela Cruz.

(photo credits: Jan Peter Dichoso)

Lunch and Afternoon Energizer

Lunch was with the officers of my home club in Area 73, the BF Community Toastmasters Club. With me were (L-R): Pam Patacsil, Leah Catapia, Loise Bañez, Alvin Panghulan, me and Cristina Yung. Pam and Alvin reserved the seats near the food area. That was a great idea for second servings, guys! Haha!

The QSI TMC (Area 73) club officers took another table in the cafeteria.

At another table were the officers from the Alabang Community Toastmasters Club, also from my area, Area 73 (L-R): Duchess Munsayac, Willem Pieter de Bruijn, Teresa Chen, Danish-Claudin San Jose-Ulitin, Trixie Uson-Curay, Joy Timbol, Nelson Salazar and Estrella "Tita Star" Coors.

(photo credits: Duchess Cruz-Munsayac)

After lunch, there was an energizer activity. This time, it was a dance breaker, something that Division H is becoming famous (notorious?) for. The District Trio gamely joined in the fun, fun, fun!

Behind them were some of the clubs in Division H like MicroSpeak Toastmasters Club, Metro South Alabang Toastmasters Club, Alabang Community Toastmasters Club and QSI Toastmasters Club.

I believe this was the same dance that they had at the District Convention in Cebu.

Afternoon Sessions

It was back to serious business for the next set of speakers in the afternoon. DTM Raul dela Vega (below-left) started off with his presentation on Club Success Planning.

Speech Champion Neb Perez (below-center) delivered a presentation on Organizing Speech Contests. DTM JJ Letargo (below-right) facilitated a a workshop on Contest Judging.

The workshop for Contest Judging gave participants hands-on experience on what it is like to conduct the judging activity of a speech contest. For instance, I learned much on how to deal with tie-breaking and spotting invalid ballots.

Shown below is the group (Group 2) I was in during the workshop. Some of the group members were: Anchie Flores from Maxim Integrated Toastmasters Club, Francisco "Coco" Galinato from MicroSpeak, Julius Cruz from Ampleon-Nexperia TMC, Teresa Chen from Alabang Community TMC and Kristelle Gladys Belen from Asurion TMC.

As in the previous Club Officers Training, I got to meet friends from other clubs and not just in our division, Divsion H. For example, I finally met Andrea Cammayo Narvaez (below-center) from Asurion Toastmasters Club in Division K. Andrea and I used to work at ON Semiconductor in Carmona, Cavite.

(photo credits: Andrea Cammayo Narvaez)

She liked the nameplates we at BF Community TMC were using and asked where we had them made.

Final Photo-Ops

We were already running out of time by the time the workshop ended. But before we parted, we had the final and complete group photo.

Our club even had a chance for a photo-op with the District Trio before leaving the venue and moving on to the Division Turnover at the Vivere Hotel. Shown below (L-R): Lilibeth Bonifacio, Cristina Yung, Ching Bognot, Beth Pableo, Ed Ramirez, Nene Legaspi, Ann Danga, Richard Cua Ho, me, Loise Bañez, Duchess Cruz-Munsayac and Jude Ola.

Shown below is the promotional program for today's Club Officers Training.

And that's... a wrap!
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