Friday, September 28, 2018

UPS Alabang Toastmasters Club Mentoring - 10th, Evaluation & Feedback Evaluator Speech

The club meeting today at UPS Alabang was post 6-months of our club mentoring. It was my 10th club meeting to attend as a club mentor and the theme for today's meeting was "Reality".

Attending in the meeting were (L-R) front row: Robelyn, me, Mhelody, Wilfreda, Leah, Anne, Lors and Romer; back row: Guest Gavin, Jeffrey, Jason and Philip. Reya and Carla were at the meeting but had to leave earlier.

(photo credits: Anne Macalintal)

First Time to be Evaluated at this Club

For the first time, I received credit from an evaluation in this club. But it was not for a prepared speech. It was for the Evaluation and Feedback Evaluator Speech under the Presentation Mastery path of Pathways.

Typically, it is the General Evaluator who does this and for tonight, Leah was the GE. There was no explicit verbal evaluation for the evaluator speech since the GE covered it in her general evaluation anyway.

Leah evaluated me for my evaluation of Bing's heart-rending speech entitled, "Success after Failure". Bing is a naturalized Korean and a new employee at UPS.

Mentor Moment

At today's Mentor Moment segment, I reiterated to the club members the need to get into the mindset of a "standalone club". I reminded the members that the mentors' 6-month minimum requirement for club mentoring has ended and the club has to operate by itself without outsiders.

It doesn't mean Anne (my co-club mentor) will leave them already. But it means that we, the mentors, should be taking the other non-evaluation functionary roles to allow us to terminate the hand-holding stage.

The members are ready and it is time for them to take on the meatier roles and rotate these roles among themselves. It was basically a gentle reality check and reflected the meeting's theme, "Reality".

Dinner after Meeting

After the meeting, Anne, Leah and I headed out to Pancake House along Filinvest Ave. to have dinner. I missed these two and just wanted to have a longer time chatting with them. After the meetings, we always end up chatting at length at Insular Life's parking lot, anyway.

Here's a scanned copy of today's meeting program.

And that's... a wrap!