Thursday, September 27, 2018

Continental Manila TMC 1st Visit - Evaluation & Feedback 1st Speech PM1

After three months incommunicado, our Continental Manila TMC contact person Jeffrey agreed to a club visit/ meeting at their facility in Taguig City. With me visiting the club were Dolly and Raul.

Shown below (R-L) are: Jeffrey, Raul, Dolly, me and the members of the Continental Manila Toastmasters Club.

(photo credits: Dolly de los Reyes)

First Meeting for the Toastmasters Year

It was a very pleasant first-ever meeting for this new Toastmasters year 2018-2019 (Jul01,2018 - Jun30,2019). Jeffrey briefly mentioned the challenges the club had been facing. We, as the visiting group, were appreciative of what Jeffrey shared and we all volunteered support for the club.

Dolly and I came together. The three of us (including Raul) were early at the venue and so we had time to discuss with Jeffrey the present challenges the club was having.

A Speech to Fire Some Inspiration

Earlier, Jeffrey asked me if I could deliver a pocket speech that would help motivate the members. Some of the attending members have been inactive for a while. So Jeffrey thought of a speech that would fire some inspiration for members to get back to Toastmasters.

Immediately, I thought of my first Ice Breaker Speech in Pathways. This was under the Innovative Planning path level 1. Entitled "Restarts", the speech told a brief story why I came back to Toastmasters after quitting for 5 years. I delivered this speech in the Toastmasters Meeting last Jan20, 2018.

Restart to Rekindle

This time around, I repackaged the Ice Breaker speech and re-titled it to "Restart" (without the "s"). I thought it was the perfect speech to complement the word of the day - Rekindle. I used the word of the day twice. I could've used it more, actually.

The modified speech was credited to my new path, Presentation Mastery, for Evaluation and Feedback First Speech under Level 1. Initially, I was supposed to deliver it as an Ice Breaker. But a member was already delivering an Ice Breaker and so I repackaged my speech as another project.

I was quite happy with how my speech turned out as it was received well, especially by Club President Jeffrey. The member who gave the Ice Breaker was humorous (while singing and guitar-playing!). I thought my evaluation of him was humorous as well.

After the club meeting, the four of us had a hearty lunch at the cafeteria and there continued our discussions on club matters.

Here's a scanned copy of today's meeting program.

And that's... a wrap!