Wednesday, April 11, 2018

New Mentee in the Pathways Program of Toastmasters

Today, I was assigned a new mentee - Renzo Vergel de Dios. Renzo and two of his siblings have visited the club a few times. A few others have also expressed willingness to apply and join the club. I wonder though if any of them have actually applied and paid to become regular members.

Not wanting to lose new members, I posed a question to the Club Officers' chat group. And the question was if new members have been assigned mentors.

Leah is the incumbent Club President and Krissy is the VP for Education.

So yeah, I will be Renzo's mentor. As a new member, Renzo will be taking on the Pathways program of Toastmasters. New members can no longer take on the old or regular or traditional or legacy program of Toastmasters and have no choice but to take Pathways.

Fortunately, I've completed Level 1 and now already working for my Level 2 of Innovative Planning. So now I'm a little bit more comfortable with whatever quirks Pathways has.