Thursday, April 12, 2018

High Performance Leadership Program Milestones Post-Workshop

Shown below is the LDREXC Certificate as well as the Post-Workshop Milestones of the Public Speaking Workshops HPL Project. It is a continuation of the High Performance Leadership Program Milestones.

DatePost-Workshop Milestones
Feb.17, 2018
Mar.3, 2018
Mar.6, 2018
  • Ching submits her summary of the results of the workshops' evaluation forms. These are the evaluation forms that were filled-up by the participants at the workshops. Her summary will be part of the slides in the "Presenting the Results" HPL presentation.
Mar.10, 2018
  • Les delivers the HPL final speech, "Presenting the Results", in the Mar.10 regular club meeting with Pres Leah evaluating.
  • Les fills-up Option 3 of Project no. 9 in the Competent Leadership manuals of Ching and Russell. Option 3 is "Guidance Committee Member for Someone Who is Working on a High Performance Leadership Program Project". Ching and Russell will get credit for accomplishing Project 9 - Mentoring, in the CL Manual.

  • Les gives the accomplished LDREXC application form and the "Presenting the Results" evaluation form to VP-Education Krissy for submission to Toastmasters International.

  • Mar.13, 2018
    • VP-Ed Krissy emails the 2 documents to Toastmasters International at
    Mar.14, 2018
    • Daniel Conyers (Education Awards Team) replies via email that the LDREXC application has been submitted for processing and to allow up to 5 days for its completion. After 2 days, the LDREXC has been processed.
    Apr.12 2018