Thursday, April 12, 2018

Leadership Excellence Award (LDREXC ) Certificate in the Mail

Today, I finally received my Leadership Excellence Award certificate together with the March issue of Toastmaster magazine. This is for the High Performance Leadership program I completed.

Initially, I didn't think there was a certificate for this award. But then, later, I saw some Facebook updates of friends posting their LDREXC certificates.

The certificate seems to be a bit thicker than the awards like the ones for ALB, ACG etc. Also, the TI text's font color is maroon, unlike the silver found in the other awards. It must be a special award indeed. In spite of the label on the package "Do not bend", the postman still bent it to insert it at our front gate's grille and the crease shows.

Triple Crown Award - Mixing Old and New Awards

Recently, I heard a rumor that to earn the Triple Crown award, the 3 awards should be coming from the old program. Incidentally, the Triple Crown is an "old program" award.

The old program is the one that hands out the paper certificates. In my understanding, Pathways, or the new program, doesn't mail certificates. Once the levels are completed, a pdf certificate is generated. It's up to you to print them if you want.

Anyway, since I now have the LDREXC, I have all 3 awards from the old program (ACG, ALB and LDREXC), and 1 coming from Pathways (INNPLA1).

Either way, I should be getting a Triple Crown then even if the rumor was true. But, I wonder, will be getting the Triple Crown Award Pin? We shall see.