Saturday, April 21, 2018

Apr 21, 2018 Toastmasters Meeting - Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring

It was a different venue for our club meeting today. The regular venue at the Knights of Columbus room at MMCP was reserved earlier by the Parish for their fiesta preparations. Good thing Club Pres Leah was quick enough and able to secure an alternative at Gather Workspace. This is the same place where we had a coaching session for the Area Contest last year.

(photo credits: Leah Catapia)

Shown above were the attendees (L-R): Ching, Krissy, Duchess, Loise, Cristina, Raul, Judith Oria, me, Ed, Russell, Jude Ola, Rey Pepino, Leah, Alvin, Eric Carandang, Lawrence de Guzman, Abby Espiritu (hidden) and Leslie Cruz (Eric's wife). Photo was taken by Ed's son, Hans.

Jude Ola is a club-hopping member from the Intellicare Toastmasters Club in Makati City. He also happens to be the Area 14 Director under Division B.

At the meeting, Raul gave a presentation on Pathways as requested by Krissy. Here, Ed takes the stage as Topicsmaster.

(photo credits: Dolly de los Reyes)

Russell, our contestant for the Davao Discon tries his hand, once again for practice, in Table Topics.

As for me, I delivered my last speech for Innovative Planning Level 2 which is Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring and entitled, "When the Student is Ready (...the Master will Appear)". I was a last minute replacement for Marlon Sanchez who had to back out from the list of speakers and wasn't able to attend.

It was a rather tight notice from Krissy, our VPEd. I only knew of the available slot last night. I saw her message when I got home from the UPS Alabang TMC meeting.

Reluctant of writing a new speech at such a short notice, I decided to sleep it off for the night. I did set my alarm early though to see if I was up to it. "It", meaning, to write the speech AND practice to deliver it today.

Well, I woke up early today at 4:30 am and just started writing.
(photo credits: Leah Catapia)

I already had something in mind to write since last week anyway, and decided to just put those thoughts into words. I probably finished writing it around 9 am. In today's delivery, I was extremely delighted in how it turned out.

Good thing I wasn't an evaluator today. Such a welcome break! But I did assume the role of Grammarian. And the word of the day was "aplomb".

Unfortunately, I was unable to record 2 speakers, Dolly and Raul, who pointed out that they used the Word-of-the-Day. More likely, the reason was that I was outside moving my car to a nearer parking space.

And that's... a wrap!