Friday, October 12, 2018

UPS Alabang Toastmasters Club Mentoring - 11th

The theme for today's club meeting at UPS Alabang was "Teachers' Day". Teachers' Day way celebrated last week and the fun table topics portion today pertained to things about teaching.

Attending in today's meeting were (L-R) Standing: Romer, guest, Wilfreda, Diane, Bing, Philip, me, Nona, Daniel, Anne, Karla, Ron, Owen and Mhelody. Seated: Jayson and Reya.

(photo credits: UPS GBS Alabang)

Table Topics Roulette

For the second time around, the club decided to use the Roulette Wheel that Romer has in his cellphone. Romer has this application that shows a roulette wheel in his phone. Each division in the wheel has a member/mentor's name on it. So, to randomly pick a respondent, the roulette wheel is spun (turned on).

However, after a while, Topicsmaster Jayson just asked the last respondent to call for the next. This was because some of those continually called from the roulette were absent.

Prepared Speakers Back-Out

Initially, out of the six prepared speakers lined-up, I thought only one, Karla, would deliver! That's because she spoke first and skipped the first four speakers in the program. I almost concluded that I had nothing to evaluate in today's meeting.

Fortunately, Jayson and Owen decided to go ahead and deliver theirs. From what I saw and heard, there was no reason for them to back out as they delivered fine speeches. Still, that was just three out of listed six speakers in the program.

Mentor Moment

Today's mentor moment revolved on some supplemental resources that club members could look into to help them perform their roles better either as club members or club officers.

Again, I reminded the group that my and Anne's stint with them is coming to an end and that after thirteen meetings that the club has had, the members have seen all the roles, including the GE (General Evaluator), and how they were performed.

President Jayson had apprehensions about members assuming the GE role. Anne and I assured him that we'll still give feedback to the member doing the GE role but feedback will be given after the club meetings.

Nonetheless, the old-time club members are ready to become General Evaluators.

In the final photo below, a couple of guys at the back do dab poses. I didn't even realized the group was doing wacky poses.

Here's a scanned copy of today's meeting program.

And that's... a wrap!