Saturday, October 6, 2018

Oct 6, 2018 Toastmasters Meeting

We started off the afternoon session supposedly with an officers' meeting as well as a Leaders' Assimilation session at 12:30pm. Unfortunately, only Ching, me, Leah, Renzo and facilitator Raul were present. So we simply had lunch and massage (yeah!) at the small function room of Cassalu. Then we had the usual club meeting at 2 pm.

Shown in the photo below are a couple of masseuses (in white/green) that Ching invited. From L-R: Marilyn, guest Janice, Ed, Russell, me, Raul, Eric, Ching, guest Leonzo (Anne's nephew), guest Tina, Leah, Jude, Nelle, Lita and Renzo.

(photo credits: Ching Bognot)

A Pathways Mentor Program Consultation Tip

Just before the supposed Officers' Meeting, I had the opportunity to seek advise from DTM Raul. I asked him what is the nature of the project that is mentioned in the Mentoring of PWMENTORPGM or Pathways Mentor Program. His said it could be a form of a significant short-term project that the mentee would like to handle.

He said it couldn't be as short and simple like mentoring for a single speech. He knew I was mentoring Renzo and said that coaching Renzo for an upcoming Rookies Contest for Division H called "Headliners of Tomorrow" would fit the bill. What an idea!

Much later, I asked him the project he worked on for his PWMENTORPGM and he said it was the time he helped Anne for her YLP project that took 2 months and around 6 meetings.

No Meeting Program

Without the benefit of a meeting program, Club President Ching banged the gavel at exactly 2 pm. It was a bit of a scramble to organize a semblance of a meeting.

Ching became the de facto Toastmaster of the Day. I did the invocation and other roles were assigned on the fly.

Prepared Speakers of the Day

There were three who delivered prepared speeches. Since the speakers were all prepared anyway, Ching decided to go ahead and start with them, thus reversing the sequence in the Educational portion.

Jude gave a technical presentation speech which I timed (Jude was timer). Renzo tried out his speech for the Rookies Contest which I videoed. Ching delivered her Researching and Presenting speech which I evaluated.

The Table Topics followed Prepared Speeches.

Third Coaching Session

After the meeting, Renzo, Leah and I had another brief coaching session, but this time, inside the main restaurant of Cassalu. We had to get away from the meeting venue as I knew there would be interruptions from other club members.

We edited the revised speech even further and put in some gestures and body movement. We even removed some of the slides. We thought that they might distract too much from the speech itself.

And that's... a wrap!