Saturday, February 1, 2020

Joint Area Contest for Division H (2019-2020) - Feb 1, 2020

It seems the color(s) for the day for the BF Community Toastmasters Club were Gold and Black. Obviously, I didn't get the memo. haha. But the color gold turned auspicious for the club at the end of the contests.

(photo credits: Division H)

Shown above are some the members of the BF Community Toastmasters Club who came to cheer and give moral support to the club contestants (L-R): Ching Bognot, Pam Patacsil, Duchess Marie Cruz Munsayac, Porsh Maliksi, Pat Maliksi, Loise Banez, Ed Ramirez, Lilia Sarmiento, Dolly delos Reyes, Cristina Yung, Marlon Sanchez, Jude Ola, me, and Leah Catapia.

Contest Chair Raul dela Vega formally opened the meeting and Toastmaster of the Day Aldrick Timbol called on Division Director Anne Macalintal (below-left) for the welcome remarks.

Ed Ramirez (below-center) was the Contest Master for Evaluation and Table Topics. Leah Catapia (below-right) was the Contest Master for Humorous Spech Contest. Other Division Leaders who lent a hand were Ching Bognot for International Prepared Speech and John Jucar.

Last Minute Contest Judge

Originally, I was asked to be the Toastmaster of the Day for this Joint Area Contest. I thought, however, that there were others who deserve a chance to try the role out. After all, you'd never know who'll be the next gem of a TOD until you give somebody else that opportunity.

So, Aldrick Timbol of Alabang Community Toastmasters Club was picked to be the Toastmaster of the Day. Not bad for a first time event TOD. Good choice, DD Anne.

Later, I was informed by Chief Judge Raul dela Vega that one of the invited judges couldn't make it. And so with that, I became a last-minute replacement to be a contest judge.

Evaluation Speech Contest

The first contest on the program was the Evaluation Speech Contest. Test Speaker Rechilda dela Cueva from Division A enthralled the audience with her speech entitled, "Heart of Rechilda".

At this point, the front row tables were reserved for the Evaluation Speech Contestants. Looking at the face of Contestant Rico Torres (below, in blue), I could imagine how tough it was to evaluate a good speech.

That's Cecile Reynales behind him. She's now an Area Director at Division A and was previously a member of MSATC. Was I the only contest judge here? She has an open folder, so I'm guessig she's one too.

Shown below are the rest of the Evaluation Speech Contestants with Timers Eleiza Aquino-Casacop and Patrick Leonardo (below-middle). Both Contest Timers are from Metro South Alabang Toastmasters Club.

Next to take on the stage were the contestants with their evaluation speeches. That's Odeltha Odeza de Vera (below, onstage) from Filinvest. Filinvest Alabang TMC held its Club Contest recently and I was the Contest Master.

Other Evaluation Speech contestants included: Abe Jun Clarito (below-left) from Fluor, Rico Rafael Torres (below-center) from Microspeak TMC, and Jefferson Lobo (below-right) from Johnson and Johnson TMC.

Then there was Einar Abuyuan (below-left) from Metro South Alabang TMC, Neetu Singh Chadha (below-center) from Alabang Community TMC, and Joel Brian Cruz from QSI Toastmasters Club.

The rest of the Evaluation Contestants were: Daniel Gorospe (Microspeak), Dolly delos Reyes (BF Community TMC), and Pat Maliksi (BF Community TMC).

Table Topics Speech Contest

After the Evaluation Contest was Table Topics. That's Loise Banez (below, onstage) from BF Community TMC, receiving the Table Topic from Contest Master Ed Ramirez. That's me at the front table and center as one of the contest judges.

Another contestant that saw action in Table Topics was Christian Kim Abubo (below-left) from the MicroSpeak Toastmasters Club. Christian Kim was one of the winners at the Microspeak Toastmasters Club Contest in the Microchip Office at Carmelray, Laguna.

And then there was Van Callanta (below-center) from Alabang Community TMC, and Rio Jethro Lorenzo (below-right) from Filinvest Alabang Toastmaters club.

The rest of the contestants for Table Topics were: Francis Galinato (Microspeak) and Abe Jun Clarito (Fluor) for Area 71; and Tzarina Saldana (MSATC) for Area 72.

Humorous Speech Contest

We had a short break for lunch and thereafter it was back to the grind for the next contests. Shown below are a couple of charmers, Joyce Delovieres (MSATC) and Joy Timbol (ACT), while I'm at the back rushing to get back to my seat for the next contest judging.

Funnyman Murriel Natiola (below) takes centerstage as the humorous contestant from Microspeak. Microspeak had its Club Contest recently where I attended as Contest Judge.

Other contestants in the Humorous Category included Daniel Paulo Tipan (below-left) from MSATC, Michael Benedict Unson (below-center) from ACT with his 'stand-up comedy' style of delivery.

Newcomer Rhona Cardino (below-right) represented JPhil Toastmasters Club. I had the privlege of visiting JPhil TMC as Guest Evaluator this Toastmasters year.

The other Humorous Speech Contestants was Jude Edmon Anthony Ola (BF Community TMC), the lone humorous contestant for Area 73.

International Prepared Speech Contest

Finally, the long-awaited and last contest was the International Prepared Speech Contest. The lone contestant for Area 71 was Haniel delos Reyes (below) and was the first on stage.

The other contestants included Julie Ann Gutierrez (below-left) from Filinvest Alabang TMC, Tzarina Saldana (below-center) from MSATC, and Duchess Cruz-Munsayac (below-right), all in Area 72.

And, finally, rounding up for Area 73 were contestants Dolly delos Reyes (below-left) and Jude Edmon Anthony Ola (below-right), both from BF Community TMC.

Contest Winners from BF Community Toastmasters Club

Congratulations to our club members for their exemplary performance under Area 73!
  • Evaluation
    • Pat Maliksi - 1st Place
    • Dolly de los Reyes - 3rd Place
  • Table Topics
    • Dolly de los Reyes - 1st Place
    • Loise Banez - 2nd Place
  • Humorous
    • Jude Ola - 1st Place
  • International Prepared
    • Jude Ola - 1st Place
    • Dolly de los Reyes - 2nd Place
    • Duchess Cruz - 1st Place (representing Area 72)

Cheers, as they advance to the Division Level Contest on March 7, 2020!

Thank you to all role-takers and to our Area Directors: John Jucar, Leah Catapia, Ching Bognot, and Ed Ramirez for a successful joint-area contest!

With the contests over, it was time for more photo-ops! Here's one with the Alabang Community Toastmasters Club.

Here is a scanned copy of today's Contest Program. My name doesn't appear on the program because, supposedly, judges remain anonymous.

And that's... a wrap!