Friday, January 24, 2020

Filinvest Alabang Toastmasters Club Speech Contest

With contest season upon us, Filinvest Alabang Toastmasters Club (FAI), finally held its club contest today at the Filinvest office at Vector One Building in Northgate Cyberzone, Alabang.

(photo credits: Myra Malabanan/Christine Lintag)

Early Bird at the Club Contest Venue

Again, I was earlier than usual, with the contest starting at 2pm. Parking wasn't a problem at the Northgate Cyberzone. I've become familiar with the place with various club-hopping activities in the past as Area Director. The Vector One Building is marked with the red map pointer below.

Our contact person with the Filinvest Alabang Toastmasters Club is Myra Malabanan who is the VP Education of the club. Because I was early, I was asked to wait in a holding area.

There were plenty of people at the lobby who appeared to be job applicants. The holding area looked like an small conference/ interview room.

As there was time to kill, I took a couple of selfies in the holding room. I've had this new phone for a few months and was still getting used to it.

Table Topics Contest

It was already 20 mins past 2 pm when we decided to start the Club Contest without Club President Vangie Herrera who was still at a meeting. First on the contest line up, as is usually the case, was Table Topics - and I was the Contest Master (or Contest Chair) for the category.

The is the category with the most number of participants. In the photo below, I'm reading to the first contestant, Jose Angelo Mariano, the table topic. Seated in front and conferring are Club Mentors Ralph Lim and Neetu Singh Chadha.

Other contestants for Table Topics included (L-R): Odeltha Odesa de Vera, Rizalyn Ramos and Jethro Lorenzo, among others. All the contestants had varying yet impressive explications on the table topic.

Shown below are the contestants of Table Topics with their Certificates of Participation (L-R): Odeltha Odeza de Vera, Tracey San Pablo, Lorrine Borres, Rio Jethro Lorenzo, and Rizalyn Ramos. At my left is Myra Malabanan. Another Table Topics contestant, Jose Angelo Mariano, had to leave the awarding.

As is customary right after a contest, I gave a brief interview with each of the contestants. The brief interview after the contest creates an interesting break, removes tension, and contestants are able to relax.

It looks like I'm singing below, but no, I'm telling an anecdote. haha.

The awarding of the certificates and the contestants interview also gives the tallyers, timers and judges enough time to complete their work, while the rest get ready for the next contest.

Evaluation and International Prepared Speech Contests

Since Club President Vangie Herrera was unable to leave her earlier meeting, I had to take on the role of Contest Master for the Evaluation and International Prepared Speech Contests.

For the Evaluation Speech Contest, the Test Speaker was Club Mentor Neetu Singh Chadha. Shown below is Neetu delivering her Test Speech entitled, "Tough it Up!".

There were two Evaluation Speech Contestants: Odeltha Odeza de Vera and Karen Salvahan.

In the International Prepared Speech Contest, the club had two speech contestants: Anna Lorrize Marinas and Julie Anne Gutierrez.

Winners of the Filinvest Alabang Club Contest

In the end, the winners for the speech contests were announced: Julie Ann Gutierrez for International Prepared, Odeltha Odeza de Vera for Evaluation, and Jethro Lorenzo for Table Topics.

Together with the winners in the photo above are Club Mentors Neetu and Ralph, and Area 71 Director John Jucar. Congratulations! We'll see you guys in the Division H Joint Area Contest this coming February 1, 2020 at Fluor Daniel.

As a bonus, the members of the Filinvest Alabang Toastmasters Club were finally awarded their Charter Membership certificates. Thank you guys for a successful club contest!

And that's... a wrap!