Thursday, December 6, 2018

Judging at the MicroSpeak Club Contest - International Speech

It's Toastmasters contest season once again and today I was at the Microchip Technology office in Alabang. I was there as one of the judges for the club's contest in the International Speech category.

Shown below in the pic are: Rico Torres, Ralph, Kirsten Joy Segura, Russel Fernando, me, Daniel Gorospe, Kricha Mendoza, Tamar Tan, Jeffrey Ganaba, John Jucar and Coco Galinato.

(photo credits: MicroSpeak TMC)

This time around, I made sure I was early at the 3rd floor of the venue. I was a bit late the last time I visited MicroSpeak TMC and it was due to the late morning traffic at SLEX.

Now, it was too early, perhaps, but that's fine with me. I chatted a little with Kricha and Bobby until Chris (Sgt-at-arms) and the rest came in to help set up the room.

Originally, JK, Jeffrey Ganaba, John Jucar and I were asked to judge. JK couldn't make it while Jeffrey and John arrived late. So Daniel took other members to stand in as judges.

Shown below are the judges: Me, Russel Fernando, Ralph and Kirsten Joy from the Carmelray facility.

(photo credits: MicroSpeak TMC)

And from the other end of the judges' table.

VP-Education Daniel Gorospe was today's Chief Judge.

Some of the club members as well as guests (John Jucar and Jeffrey Ganaba) who attended the contest.

Here's me receiving an appreciation certificate from VP-Education, Daniel Gorospe. This was after the contest.

Here's a photo of us four judges with Daniel, and Tamar Tan who stood as Contest Chair.

With co-guests, Immediate Past Division Director, Jeffrey Ganaba, and President John Jucar from Fluor Global Communicators.

Shown below with the group are the three contestants: Rico Torres, Kricha Mendoza and Coco Galinato, and they spoke in that order.

Kricha emerged as the winner to represent MicroSpeak TMC in the Area Contest for International Speech on January 26, 2019. Congratulations! Notice some of the MicroSpeak guys wearing Toastmasters t-shirts? Nice one!

After the photo-op, lunch was served for everyone.

Thank you, MicroSpeak TMC!