Saturday, December 15, 2018

BF Community TMC 2018 Christmas Party

Right after the regular Toastmasters club meeting at the function room, the members proceeded to the Cassalu main restaurant for the Christmas Party. This will be the last meeting for the year.

Attending the Christmas Party were (L-R): Marlon, me, Hans, Rema, Bea, Cristina, Leah, Russell, Nelle, Marilyn, Mark and Ching. Duchess had to go back to Alabang.

(photo credits: Bea Indonto)

Even before the party started, we had fun just chatting with each other away from the club meeting mood. We talked about the present Fitness Challenge, fitness workouts, and even tips for speech evaluation.

The others had to leave the venue temporarily and go to a near convenience store to buy something for the exchanging of gifts worth Php 100 minimum.

We finished the meeting early so there was roughly 30 minutes to while away the time before the party started at 5 pm. Finally, the rest came back and we had more fun time chatting.

Later, Club Founder Rema came and even joined in the prayers. She didn't stay long though as she had to attend to a cousin's wedding party. President Ching, feeling under the weather, led the prayer before the sumptuous dinner.

After the prayers, food was ready at the buffet tables. And yeah, we had a grand time eating!

There was Beef Salpicao, Carbonara pasta, Crispy chicken with mushrooms and Dalandan juice. I had three plates of these.

After dinner were the games with Marlyn, Bea and Ching as game masters . Shown below is the pin the tree on the Christmas tree game. It is similar to the "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" but using Christmas trees. That's Mark, blindfolded and ready to play.

There were other games like the modified "Hep-Hep Hurray" and more. The game gestures were reversed to make it more confusing. Three of us even won this game.

I didn't stay too long though and had to leave earlier than the rest. After picking an exchange gift from the pile, I left at 6:30 pm. Our reservation for the dinner party was 5 pm to 7 pm. The others continued with a part 2 of the party over at Ed's house.

On my way home, I had a very minor accident due to the heavy traffic with motorists and crazy motorcyclists jockeying for position.