Thursday, August 20, 2009

Aug 20, 2009 Toastmasters Meeting - Educational Talk

Today I gave an educational talk on The Toastmasters Educational Program from the Successful Club Series. The talk, entitled, "Education Goals of Members", is a presentation of the two tracks: Communication and Leadership tracks. Specifically, I discussed how members can benefit and receive credits for participating in the various roles of a meeting.

(video credits: Andre Marcelo-Tanner)

I was also the Toastmaster of the Evening. Shown below are (L-R): Ryan John, Don, Ebb, Larry, Michael, Violet, Michelle (Viviene's sis) and Viviene.

Couple Allan and Christine having a hearty dinner during the meeting. Our meals help defray expenses for the cost of the venue.

Annabel Valdez, Ebb Ryan Magtuba and Ryan John Hernandez.

Andre Marcelo-Tanner video recording the proceedings.

And thanks to Andre's recording, I'm able to show my evaluation of Larry's advanced speech in the Storytelling Manual, The Folk Tale, entitled, "Rainmaker". (Note: The first few seconds of the video show the conclusion of Larry's speech).

(video credits: Andre Marcelo-Tanner)

Another fun-filled meeting!