Thursday, September 10, 2009

Awarding of the Competent Leader Pin

The theme of today's meeting was "Unleash Your X-Factor". During the regular club meeting, I received the Competent Leader Pin from Club President Dr. Neil Caranto at Alabang Community TMC in Northgate, Alabang. Here's a short video of the awarding. (Apologies, as the video camera is slightly tilted to the left).

(video credits: Andre Marcelo-Tanner)

We had a new meeting venue today - Samurai Restaurant - which is just next door to Henlin, our regular meeting venue.

Shown below looking at the camera are: Violet Imperial, Don RiƱen and Trish de Guia.

Andre Marcelo recorded the proceedings. Shown below are: Lolet, Isabel Plaza, James Ross Butial and Cristine Dinglasan.

Break time after the Prepared Speeches and before Evaluation.

Me, as speech evaluator, giving feedback to Dr. Larry's advanced speech from The Storytelling Manual, Let's Get Personal. (Note: The first 20 seconds of the video will play a section of Larry's speech.)

(video credits: Andre Marcelo-Tanner)

Another meeting after the club meeting.

Thank you for the Competent Leader Pin, Alabang Community Toastmasters Club!

Here's a scanned copy of the club meeting program.

And that's... a wrap!