Saturday, March 24, 2018

Division H Toastmasters Speech Contest Videos 2017-2018 - Part 2

(This is the continuation from Part 1)

The videos are ordered in the sequence the contestants delivered their prepared speeches. Contest chair for this category was BFComm's Ching Bognot.

International Prepared Speaker 1 : Cristina Yung, BFComm, Area 73

International Prepared Speaker 2 : Eve Badiola, Eastwood, Area 72

International Prepared Speaker 3 : Duchess Munsayac, BFComm, Area 73

Here are Division H's winning contestants from BF Community Toastmasters Club: Russell Santos - Table Topics Champion, Cristina Yung - International Prepared First Runner-Up and Duchess Munsayac - International Prepared Champion.

(photo credits: Russell Santos)

Russell and Duchess will automatically represent Division H in Davao for the District Contest. Finally, here's the entire group that attended the Division H Contest.

There was a mini post-contest celebration for BFComm in the evening which I had to skip. Congratulations, everyone!