Saturday, March 3, 2018

Joint Area Contest for Division H 2017-2018

Today is the Division H's Joint Area Contest which, fortunately, I was able to attend. I somehow got to wriggle myself out from a planned General Assembly meeting at church. And I'm glad I did, for it was to be a red-letter day for our club, the BF Community Toastmasters Club.

Attending delegates from BFComm are shown below (L-R): Me, Russell (Table Topics contestant), Loise, Ralph, Leah (Intl Prepared Contest Chair), Cristina (Intl Prepared contestant), Duchess (Table Topics and Intl Prepared contestant) and Ed (TOD).

(photo credits: Duchess Munsayac)

Division H has Areas 71, 72 and 73 under it. But only Areas 72 and 73 were represented in the Joint Area Contest.

Here are the current active clubs of the three areas:
  • Area 71
    • Fluor Master Speakers (FMS)
    • Fluent Delivery In Public Speaking (FDIP)
    • Fluor Global Communicators (FGC)
  • Area 72
    • Eastwood Toastmasters
    • Johnson and Johnson (JnJ)
    • Continental Manila Toastmasters
  • Area 73
    • BF Community (BFComm)
    • Alabang Community Toastmasters (ACT)
    • Microspeak
    • QSI

The competition was awesome. In the end, it was a clean sweep for BF Community in Area 73 with Russell taking First Place in Table Topics. Duchess, a last-minute replacement for Chris, amazingly, came in at Second Place.

Here's me at the front row listening to Russell's response to the (rather sentimental) Contest Table Topic: "When is love pure?"

Here are the Area Contestants for Division H's Table Topics Category. Not in the picture below are ACT's Joshua Torres who left earlier, and JnJ's Vicky Ingreso. (Table Topics Speech Contestants Videos)

For International Prepared, it was another clean sweep with BFComm's Duchess taking the First Place and Cristina taking Second.

And here are the Area Contestants for Division H's International Prepared Speech Category. (International Prepared Speech Contestants Videos)

Here's the list of the International Prepared Speech Contestants as projected on the wall.

After the contest, it was time for celebration for the club over at nearby Cucinna Rossi in ParaƱaque. Hey, don't I look like a model for wine in this photo? I love red wine.

And I love white wine too. I love any wine! Our new Toastmasters Club tarp is up, courtesy of President Leah. That's the club tarp at the far end of the table.

Just can't hide our excitement and enjoyment over the treat of pizza, pasta and wine.

A toast, and special cheers to our Area contest winners! All the best to the Division level!

Congratulations and thank you, everyone!