Saturday, November 18, 2017

How to Conduct Productive Meetings

Learn the techniques and dynamics for conducting productive meetings in any group. This presentation is from the Success/Leadership programs. The Success/Leadership programs may be applied in a Toastmasters club to enhance members' skills; in companies to increase employees' skills and promote awareness of Toastmasters; and in the community to enhance the general public's skills and to promote awareness of Toastmasters.

The following educational talk on "How to Conduct Productive Meetings" was presented to the BF Community Toastmasters Club in the November 18, 2017 Toastmasters Meeting at MMCP, Las PiƱas City.

Introducing the Presenter
"Our next speaker has been a Toastmaster for 6 years and an IT professional for 20 years. Apart from Toastmasters club meetings, he has participated and conducted countless meetings in his career as an IT professional.

His presentation is an educational talk from the Success Leadership Programs. These programs aim to enhance members’ skills during club meetings, to improve employee performance in the workplace and to promote awareness of Toastmasters in the community.

To present a 1-hour presentation of "How to Conduct Productive Meetings", and to fulfill his Advanced Communicator Gold award requirements, please welcome Advanced Communicator Silver and Competent Leader, Les Aquino."

Video 1 for Exercise 1

Video 2 for Discussion and Recap

Video 3 for Discussion and Recap

Video 4 for Exercise 2

The slide presentation above is simply an outline of the talk using bullet points. I still have my notes for the talk. If you need help on the above presentation, feel free to ask your questions by clicking on the "Post a Comment" link below and I will be glad to help.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les - Thanks for posting this presentation and the videos. I am looking to get my ACG certification ASAP and I am very happy to come across your page. Now that you have so generously made these materials available, I am candidly trying to see if I can avoid spending over $40 for the "How to conduct Productive Meetings" package from I wonder if I would be able to create my own certificates for co-ordinator and participants by looking at the certificate formats online? Appreciate any guidance.

Thanks very much!

Harish said...

Hi Les Aquino,
The Presentation looks v. interesting, would you be kind enough to share the notes for your talk. To achieve my ACG i am also thinking of giving the same project. Thanks.

Blackdove said...

Hi. I didn't have to create any certificates for coordinator and participants in any of my speeches or talks.

Blackdove said...

Hello Harish. Regarding the notes, I have a lot - handwritten ones. It would help if you could give the specific questions you'd like addressed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les Aquino, thanks for your post. helpful inputs. it would be of great help if you can you also share the notes in brief on the overall topic.

Blackdove said...

Anonymous, what questions did you have in mind?