Saturday, November 4, 2017


“Mentoring” discusses how having or being a mentor can benefit club members and the club as a whole. It is one of several modules in the Successful Club Series. The Successful Club Series address the subject of quality club meetings. Members will learn about the skills and standards they must strive to achieve for their club to be successful.

The following educational talk on "Mentoring" was presented to the BF Community Toastmasters Club in the November 4, 2017 Toastmasters Meeting at MMCP, Las Piñas City.

Introducing the Presenter:
"Our next speaker has been a mentor in two of his previous clubs. Prior to joining BF Community Toastmaster club, he mentored two toastmasters who eventually advanced to become Competent Communicators.

Our speaker is both passionate and excited with the Toastmasters Mentoring program and is presently a mentor to 4 of our club members.

To deliver a 10 to 15 minute presentation of the Mentoring module from the Successful Club Series, please welcome Advanced Communication Silver and Competent Leader, Les Aquino."

The slide presentation above is simply an outline of the talk using bullet points. I still have my notes for the talk. If you need help on the above presentation, feel free to ask your questions by clicking on the "Post a Comment" link below and I will be glad to help.