Humorously Speaking

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Speech #1 - Warm Up Your Audience
Sample Speech: "Oldies But Goodies", Jul.25,2015, ACT Club, Hermanos Taco Shop, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

"Amusing" was the apt term for this particular speech. Many in the audience found my story interestingly funny. It was probably how I misjudged the characters in the story which gave me all sorts of surprises. I felt more relaxed and confident this time because it was a real story. I was fortunate to have a District Humorous Speech Champion (Ed Fabonan) evaluate me. The only weak point was the message. It could have been stronger - like a before and after comparison.

Speech #2 - Leave Them With a Smile
Sample Speech: "Into the Contest Zone", Sep 26, 2015, ACT Club, Hermanos Taco, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Although there were 5-6 belly laughs throughout the speech, the theme was still too serious noted the Evaluator, Michael Jacinto. "Inspirational prepared speech" is how he described it. In the preceding project (Warm Up Your Audience), the speech was funny but was short on the message. This time the speech's message was very obvious, and in fact inspirational, but a bit lacking in laughter. How to strike the balance between humor and message is the key. Still, the speech was able to address all the objectives and I was quite satisfied.

Speech #3 - Make Them Laugh
Sample Speech: "Tres Marias", Oct 24, 2015, ACT Club, Hermanos Taco, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

I suppose self-deprecating jokes are always a hit with members. The topic was light and catered to most, if not all in the audience. The speech was easy to follow because the narrated scenes are common in everyday family life. Evaluator Lolet liked that the jokes and funny moments had smooth transitions in the speech body. The speech's message on individuality and communication was received quite well. This time, the speech was able to address what was lacking in the first two speeches in this manual - the right balance between humor and message.

Speech #4 - Keep Them Laughing
Sample Speech: "Toastmasters Sucks!!!", Jun 3, 2017, BFComm TMC, MMCP, Las Piñas City

Evaluator Jeffrey Ganaba liked the speech since many Toastmasters could relate. He felt that the connection at the start could have been stronger. Through the usual rhetorical questions, maybe? I'm starting to conclude that local folks don't readily respond with belly laughs. It is more through wide smiles, snickers and chuckles. The flow was smooth. The message nearing the conclusion was clear. But I missed the time by one minute.

Speech #5 - The Humorous Speech
Sample Speech: "Facebook Cliffhangers", Jun 17, 2017, BFComm TMC, MMCP, Las Piñas City

Finally, a few hearty laughs here and there. The audience found the delivery smooth and natural. That's how I felt also. "Humor was not forced at all", as Evaluator Ian Along confirmed. Practice is key! The "role-playing" humor technique was more powerful here rather than the "deviation" or "misdirection" technique. The introduction (a bit of me as a Featured Toastmaster) segued well into the body. I was initially worried with the ending, but the audience found the message clear.