Saturday, July 22, 2017

Club Officers Training 1 for 2017-2018

Attended the Toastmasters Club Officers' Training 1 for Divisions H and K at Fluor Daniel in Alabang. Early birds at the cafeteria with Tess Siapno, Lolet, Incoming Div.H Director Jeffrey and Les.

(photo credits: Tess Siapno)

Meeting my former mentee Anne and members of my former club, Alabang Community Toastmasters (ACT) Club over Arroz Caldo during the morning break: Lolet, Anne, Toto, Eve Badiola and Tess.

Group discussion with the BF Community TMC officers: Dolly, Duch, Robert, Cristina, Leah, Les, Krissy, and Raul (coach).

Group break-out meeting among SAA (Logistics Manager)

Final group meeting discussion.

Photo-op with Club Goals.

The training promotional flyer.

For being able to field more than the required number of attendees in the training, our club was one of several which received a DCP Progress Tracking chart as shown below.

Because only a tarpaulin was provided, I had to find a away to enable us to hang the tarp during our club meetings. So I took the initiative and put a black pvc spine on the top edge and then tie a red ribbon on both ends. This is how it looked as I tested it at home.