Saturday, April 1, 2017

First Meeting with the BF Community Toastmasters Club

Became Table Topics Evaluator with the meeting's theme "Summertime". I've already signed up with BF Community Toastmasters Club and this is my first meeting with the club as a regular member.

Shown below: 3 guests, Les, Leah, Krissy, Ian, Lolet, Lauren, LJ, Nelcy, guest, Dolly and Russell.

(photo credits: Dolly delos Reyes)

Non-renewal Notice

I sent my non-renewal notice with my old club (ACT) to the club's Facebook group chat for everyone's info at the ACT club. My message to the Facebook group chat read:

"Just to let everyone know that I am no longer renewing my membership with ACT. This is in part due to my recent conflicts in schedule. Thank you all very much, and good luck, Ian and Inah on Saturday!"

Both Ian Lagutan and Inah Tolentino were competing on March 18, 2017.

Technically, I was still part of the club until the end of March. However, I was quickly removed from the Facebook group chat just a few minutes after I posted my notice. Therefore I no longer had any idea what else was discussed by the club until the end of March. That includes the results of the March 18 competition.

BF Community Toastmasters Club

BF Community Toastmasters Club is like a breath of fresh air. Although farther away from my old club, BF Community Toastmasters Club's schedule suits me well. I find the current venue quite satisfactory at minimal cost. There is also genuine respect within the club with the current officers being open-minded to ideas and suggestions.