Thursday, October 20, 2016

Toastmasters Timing Lights - Simple and Easy DIY - Part 2

(This is the continuation from Part 1 - Toastmasters Timing Lights)

After laying out the parts of the Do-It-Yourself Toastmasters timing lights device, it's now time to assemble the device.

You don't need to prepare any electrical tapes or fastening tools. There is no soldering, no taping, no splicing, no wiring, no gluing and no attaching of any other electrical parts.


How to Assemble the Do-It-Yourself Timing Lights Device

  1. Plug in all the socket plugs into the three outlets of the power strip.

  2. Screw in the three bulbs into the socket plugs.

  3. Plug the extension cord into the adaptor plug (as needed).

How to Use the Do-It-Yourself Timing Lights Device

  1. Ensuring all switches on the power strip are off, plug the extension cord plug (with adaptor if needed).

  2. Start timing the speech with a stopwatch or any other timer.

  3. At the green signal (minimum time), press on the first switch. The green bulb lights up.

  4. At the yellow signal (midpoint time), press on the second switch. The yellow bulb lights up. At this instance, both the green and yellow bulbs are lit. Then turn off the first switch. The green light is turned off.

    Others would probably turn off the green light BEFORE turning on the yellow light. I'd rather turn on the yellow light first for accuracy in timing.

    When the midpoint time is reached, the yellow light should signal, regardless if the green light is on or off. There will be a slight delay if at the midpoint signal, the green light is turned off first.

  5. At the red signal (maximum time), press on the third swtich. The red bulb lights up. Then turn off the second switch. The yellow light is turned off.

  6. Turn off the third switch (red light off) only when the speaker has finished the speech.

Just like with the Bayan Baru Toasmasters Club model, the photo below shows that the device's switches are all independent from one another and all may light up at the same time.

Advantage of A/C-Powered Timing Lights Over the Battery-Operated Unit

  • Never runs out of power
    Since no batteries are needed, you never need to replace any. There's also no chance of batteries leaking and then messing up the parts inside. And because it is A/C powered with higher wattage bulbs, the signal lights are much brighter.

  • Heavy-duty
    Most of the parts of this device are rated heavy-duty with high standards for quality specifications. Chances of these electrical parts breaking down unexpectedly is almost nil.

  • Off-the-shelf parts
    If parts do break down, they are easily replaced. The replacement parts are readily available in electrical supply stores. There's no schematic diagrams to read and follow to assemble this device.

    If you stop using the unit as a Toastmasters timing light device, you could easily disassemble the parts and use them for their other intended purposes.

(See Part 3 - Toastmasters Timing Lights for the continuation)