Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sep 26, 2015 Toastmasters Meeting - Leave Them With A Smile

I delivered my 2nd advanced speech project, Leave Them With A Smile, from the Humorously Speaking manual. Entitled "Into the Contest Zone", the speech was evaluated by Michael Jacinto. Interestingly, both Dolly and Ian just competed from a speech contest prior to the meeting at Hermanos Taco Shop in Molito Alabang.

(Shown below: Dolly delos Reyes, Eric Carandang, Tere Canlas, Kristine Lye Salute, Ian, Lolet, me, and Michael Jacinto)

A Great Speech

Michael Jacinto gave valuable tips as far as crafting a great speech is concerned. But if there's one thing that I distinctly remember from him and was a key takeaway for me is this:

A good speech is one that either:

  • Teaches the mind.
  • Touches the heart.
  • Tickles the funny bone.

A speech that does all three is a great winning speech.

For my speech, Michael as evaluator commented how I was using a small window for my hand gestures which made my delivery seemed restricting. He suggested gesturing out of that small window, meaning larger winder gestures.

Michael also gave some general and curiously interesting tips as far as body movement, postures and gestures are concerned. He is, incidentally, an image consultant and has big name companies as his clients.

Wow, this Humorous Speaking manual is proving to be a tough nut to crack!

Shown below is the scanned copy of the meeting program.

And that's... a wrap!