Saturday, November 22, 2014

Awarding of Lectern to BF Community TMC

Facilitated the Table Topics Portion as the Table Topics Master. BF Community Toastmasters Club was later awarded a lectern after achieving the required DCP points. This was provided by District 75 given as an incentive.

Shown below: Guest, Marc Anisco, Cristina Yung, Jun Carillo, Duchess, Lolet, Brian Canson, Gov. Neb Perez and Les.

As Table Topics Master, I brought out a "Grab Bag" with random items inside. Without looking, a respondent picked an item from the grab bag. The respondent then gave an impromptu speech how he or his life is like the item he randomly picked.

Below, Brian picked an eraser while Cristina picked a banana.

Group shot with Atty. Vida Verzosa.

Congratulations, BF Community Toastmasters Club!