Thursday, July 24, 2008

Inspirational Speech Delivery to World Vision Sponsors

As a World Vision sponsor, I was invited by World Vision Philippines to deliver an inspirational speech for other World Vision sponsors. This was held at the Sponsor Testimony at the World Vision Office. The speech was a rehash of my speech, entitled, "In the Eyes of a Child, A Vision of Hope". This is the 10th basic speech, Inspire Your Audience, in the Competent Communication manual

Shown (L to R): Richard Supat (a former sponsored child), Cess Campos Corvera and Vanessa Liwanag from World Vision Philippines.

Shown below: Cess Corvera, NiƱa Solano and Cara the emcee.

Part of the audience. All of these are World Vision child sponsors.

Thank you for having me as a speaker, World Vision.