Sunday, July 23, 2006

Club Officers Training for 2006-2007 2nd Batch

The second batch of the Club Officers' Training for Toastmasters was held today at the 2nd floor of the Admin Building of the Bureau of Customs, Airport Road, Pasay City. The first batch had their training the previous day at the Meralco Mini Theater in Ortigas.

In the second batch, the ON Semiconductor Toastmasters Club was represented by 4 members: Dr. Noy Josef, Agnes Cabalu, Ace Udarbe and myself. District officers included the current District President Allan Olmilla, Outgoing District President Elisa Tay.

The meat of the training was conducted by Lt.Governor for Education, Gina Mapua. She explained all the roles and responsibilities of the Club Officers as well as a presentation of the webpages of the website. Her training was very informative and comprehensive.

After the training, a session for case study discussion was announced. The audience was broken up into the groupings of club officership. This means the Club Presidents were grouped together, the VP's for Education were grouped together and so forth.

Agnes and Ace joined the Secretary group while Les joined the VP for Public Relations group. Outgoing Division Governor Dr. Noy presided over the Case Study sessions. Case problems were given to the groups for them to work out. Right after the case study sessions, the groups created simple powerpoint slides which were later presented.