Saturday, February 18, 2006

Test Speaker at Joint Speech Evaluation Contest - Get to the Point

This will be my first time to witness a speech contest. I'm not only observing, I'm also participating - not as a contestant though, but as a Test Speaker. Sometimes called a Model Speaker, the Test Speaker is someone who speaks at the Evaluation Contest so the Evaluation contestants could evaluate him.

Since I just delivered my second speech last month, my mentor Doc Noy gave a go-signal to repeat the same speech and get it credited for my third speech project, Get to the Point.

Supposedly, nobody knows who the Test Speaker is until he is presented to the audience during the Speech Evaluation Contest. This atmosphere of confidentiality became the topic of a future huomorous advanced speech entitled, "Into the Contest Zone", for the Leave Them with a Smile speech project in the Sep 26, 2015 Toastmasters meeting.

The three Evaluation contestants who evaluated me were: Lea Tarum and Ken Genito from Area 71, and Khris Albano from Area 74. Highlights of their evaluation are as follows:

  • Attention getter, catchy, invoked interest.
  • Like watching National Geographic, took me to Peru, so descriptive.
  • Mastery of subject matter, experienced speaker, good eye contact/gestures, very confident.

  • Emphasize on one topic or theme.
  • Walk around to be more visible.
  • Shorten long-sounding scientific words.
  • Stronger closing.

Shown below is the scanned copy of the Contest Program

And that's... a wrap!