Old Program

This page is the online library of my original speeches in the Old or Traditional Program of Toastmasters International. Browse around, click on any manual, and pick a speech from the library! If you intend to use a speech, don't forget to cite and credit the source: http://speeches.blackdovenest.com.

Basic Speeches

  • Competent Communication (10 speeches)

    Toastmasters International's Competent Communication contains 10 speech projects each focusing on a specific area, such as organizing your speech and using body language. An evaluator offers feedback on each of your speeches, helping you to improve. Earn a Competent Communicator award by completing all the speech projects in Competent Communication.

Advanced Speeches

  • The Entertaining Speaker (5 speeches)

    Entertaining speakers are always in demand. Projects address preparing and delivering an entertaining speech, finding good stories and anecdotes to include in speeches, using humor, incorporating drama into presentations and presenting an after-dinner speech.

  • Storytelling (5 speeches)

    A good story enhances your speech and makes it memorable. This manual offers instruction in telling folk tales, personal stories, stories with morals, emotional stories and stories about historical events or people.

  • Speaking to Inform (5 speeches)

    Informational speeches are one of the most common types, so most likely you will be asked to present one sometime. This manual contains information about organizing an informational speech, tailoring your speech to the audience, conducting a demonstration, presenting a report and delivering a speech about an abstract subject.

  • Interpretive Reading (5 speeches)

    Reading words written by someone else requires a special set of skills. Projects include reading stories, poetry, monodramas, plays and famous speeches.

  • The Professional Speaker (5 speeches)

    Professional speakers can give a variety of presentations to a variety of audiences. This manual offers guidance in preparing and presenting a keynote address, an entertaining speech, a sales training speech, a seminar and a motivational speech. Includes information about marketing yourself as a professional speaker.

  • Humorously Speaking (5 speeches)

    Every speaker benefits from using humor. Learn how to begin a speech with a humorous story to get listeners' attention, end a speech with a humorous story, use humorous stories and anecdotes throughout the body of your speech to emphasize points, incorporate jokes into presentations and prepare and present an entirely humorous speech.