The Professional Speaker #3 - The Sales Training Speech

(See sample speech here)

Executive Summary

Make learning fun! Display your showmanship to teach your audience sales concepts and techniques. Use humor and recount dramatic success stories in your speech to embody abstract ideas and technical information. Share your insights about how to create an eager customer.


  • Tell a sales audience how to sell a product by using a planned presentation

  • Inform a sales training audience about the human experience of the buyer-seller relationship

  • Use entertaining stories and dynamic examples of sales situations

  • Inspire salespeople to want to succeed in selling

TIME: Fifteen to twenty minutes - longer if club program allows

Your Project Speech

Prepare and deliver a sales training presentation from 15 to 20 minutes.* Your goal is to teach your audience about sales concepts and techniques and inspire its members to success. Use visual aids, humor and dramatic success stories to help illustrate your points. Put showmanship and entertainment into your presentation and give your listeners guidelines they can apply in developing their own planned sales presentations.

* Option of longer presentation if program allows.

This information is provided as a service to members. For full details on this speech project, refer to The Professional Speaker manual. All materials in the Toastmasters Educational Program are copyright Toastmasters International. All rights reserved.

The Professional Speaker Manual

Professional speakers can give a variety of presentations to a variety of audiences. This manual offers guidance in preparing and presenting a keynote address, an entertaining speech, a sales training speech, a seminar and a motivational speech. Includes information about marketing yourself as a professional speaker.

(See sample speech here)