The Entertaining Speaker #5 - Speaking After Dinner (2nd Attempt)

(See sample speech2 here)


One opportunity nearly every speaker encounters is the after-dinner talk. This is the time for you to shine as an entertaining speaker. You can use humor, drama and insight all in the same speech.

Executive Summary

After-dinner talks are challenging. The audience has just dined and they are becoming drowsy. Your talk should be light, lively, positive and entertaining. Reflect on the occasion. Personalize the talk by referring to earlier events or people on the program and building on them. Use humor and drama.


  • Prepare and entertaining after-dinner talk on a specific theme.

  • Deliver the talk using the skills developed in the preceding projects.

Time: Eight to ten minutes

Your Assignment

For this project, prepare, rehearse and deliver an eight- to 10-minute after-dinner speech, using the entertainment skills you have developed in the preceding projects in this manual. Include humor, drama or a combination of both, making sure they are relevant to the theme of your speech. You may simulate a particular audience and occasion if you wish, but be sure to notify the Toastmaster of the meeting in advance.

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The Entertaining Speaker Manual

People like to be entertained. The popularity of books, movies, television programs and DVDs is strong evidence of this. Entertaining speakers are in demand as well. The purpose of an entertaining speaker is simply to offer listeners a pleasant diversion. Conventions and civic, professional and social club meetings always need entertaining speakers for their programs.

(See sample speech2 here)