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Speech #1 - The Folk Tale
Sample Speech: "Noah's Bird", May.17,2007, ACT Club, Henlin, Northgate Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Despite its funny title, this speech did talk about the Biblical Noah. I tried a risky yet novel prop here. My daughter Sandra folded paper into something that looked like a puppet. I used these simple paper puppets to describe the other characters, a crow and a dove. Vocal variety was also there to show how the crow got its hoarse voice. Yeah, I actually mimicked a crow's voice! The speech would've pleased an audience of children with the puppets and all, but my audience received it well also.

Speech #2 - Let's Get Personal
Sample Speech: "Traces of Talent", Aug.9,2007, ACT Club, Henlin, Northgate Alabang, Muntinlupa City

The speech was about a conversation I had with my daughter, Celeste, over at dinner time that revolved about career choices. The title is actually the chapter of a book on personal and professional development. The topic is easy to digest with the subtopics having individual anecdotes and so it was easy to follow. The anecdotes gave me much room for body movement and gestures.

Speech #3 - The Moral of the Story
Sample Speech: "The Secret of Padre Burgos", Aug.16,2007, ACT Club, Henlin, Northgate Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Here's another of my "kwentong-kutsero" speeches. Padre Burgos in my story was an old Italian priest. To add authenticity to the discourse or dialogue between characters, I mimicked the accent of our parish's Italian priest, Fr. Luigi. I didn't have time to record and listen to my voice but I thought I did well. I really love this piece. The audience were naturally intrigued by the title which very well suits the speech topic.

Speech #4 - The Touching Story
Sample Speech: "You're Still You", Aug.29,2007, Kimberly-Clark TMC, Kimberly-Clark Phils., San Pedro, Laguna

This is one of those seriously delivered speeches. I thought my opening with a paper money bill to discuss intrinsic value was very good. I've had this anecdote, complete with gestures, props and all, for quite a while. I took it from one of those forwarded "inspirational" chain emails. I thought the anecdote matched the speech's topic. There was conflict, but for its redeeming value, the audience wanted / expected a confrontation in the end. Hmmm, like your typical Pinoy soap opera?

Speech #5 - Bringing History to Life
Sample Speech: "A Painting and a Plate", Sep.13,2007, ACT Club, Henlin, Northgate Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Most historical figures I've seen mentioned for this type of speech projects are War Figures. I suppose wars are those events in history that are mostly documented especially when keeping the legacy of victories. But I chose a different route and went into Arts (painting). For this, I made up an elaborate story about the great Filipino Painter, Juan Luna. The supporting embellishments I wrote are so believable that the finished speech looked and sounded like a mini-play. The gestures and Spanish accent I attempted to portray the arrogant Spanish waiter were received well. This is definitely one of the best I've written and delivered.