The Entertaining Speaker #2 - Resources for Entertainment

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Most entertaining speakers are storytellers. They illustrate and support their points with entertaining stories, quotes and anecdotes. They know that long after a speech is forgotten, the audience will recall these memorable illustrations and thus remember the message that was conveyed.

Executive Summary

Stories and anecdotes are an entertaining speaker’s lifeblood. Collect and file stories and anecdotes so you can select the right one for every occasion. Then adapt it to make it your own, reflecting your personal speaking style. Make sure your stories and anecdotes relate to your speech topic, are believable and add to your message.


  • Draw entertaining material from sources other than your own personal experience.

  • Adapt your material to suit your topic, your own personality and the audience.

Time: Five to seven minutes

Your Assignment

For this project, prepare, rehearse and deliver a five- to seven-minute speech containing material taken from sources other than your own personal experience. You'll need to collect material, then adapt it to your own style and speech topic. Although your primary objective is to entertain, your speech should be organized around a central theme or message, and the stories, anecdotes and quotations you use should support the message. In presenting the speech you should strive to be convincing and enthusiastic. Use appropriate body language and vocal variety to add flair to your presentation.

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The Entertaining Speaker Manual

People like to be entertained. The popularity of books, movies, television programs and DVDs is strong evidence of this. Entertaining speakers are in demand as well. The purpose of an entertaining speaker is simply to offer listeners a pleasant diversion. Conventions and civic, professional and social club meetings always need entertaining speakers for their programs.

(See sample speech here)