Competent Communication #7 - Research Your Topic

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The most challenging part of preparing a speech is gathering the material. If you want to convince an audience, you need the facts to support your message. But how do you find the information you need?

Executive Summary

Your speech will be more effective if you can support your main pints with statistics, testimony stories, anecdotes, examples, visual aids and facts.You can find this material on the Internet, at a library and in other places. Use information collected from numerous sources and carefully support points with specific facts, examples and illustrations, rather than with just your own opinions.


  • Collect information about your topic from numerous sources.

  • Carefully support your points and opinions with specific facts, examples and illustrations gathered through research.

Time: Five to seven minutes

Your Assignment

This project emphasizes using research to support your message. You are to:

  • Choose a subject that will interest your listeners, one that requires a large amount of research.

  • Collect information from numerous sources. This will be the most thoroughly researched presentation you have given to date.

  • Carefully support your points and opinions with specific facts, examples and illustrations.

Be sure to incorporate what you learned in previous projects about purpose, organization, word usage, body language and vocal variety and use appropriate suggestions from the evaluations you received. As you prepare, review the Speaker’s Checklist in Project 1.

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The Competent Communication Manual

You may be more comfortable communicating by electronic mail or telephone than in person. Speaking to large or small groups, or even one-to-one, may intimidate or frighten you. Yet good communication skills are vital if you want to be successful. Corporate leaders say that the ability to communicate well orally is one of the most important skills their recruiters look for in job candidates. Businesses want people who express themselves clearly and confidently, and are persuasive and comfortable communicating with a wide range of people, from top executives to assembly-line workers.

(See sample speech here)