Competent Communication

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Speech #1 - The Ice Breaker
Sample Speech: "Fast Forward",
Oct.26,2005 Regular Meeting, ON Semiconductor, Carmona, Cavite

My very first speech that I thought went very well. Comments from the evaluators were very motivating. The guest evaluator (Lt.Governor Gina Mapua) thought that I ought to be evaluated as CTM already. Wow! Thank you for the kind words!

Speech #2 - Organize Your Speech
Sample Speech: "The Devil's Gardens",
Jan. 25, 2006 Regular Meeting, ON Semiconductor, Carmona, Cavite

A long overdue speech because our TM meetings were so few and far between. My evaluator was a past District Champion Elaine Aviola. She found the topic arcane yet quite interesting. Yes, I was always interested with National Geographic and Discovery Channel types of topics and so I found this.

Speech #3 - Get to the Point
Sample Speech: "The Devil's Gardens",
Feb. 18, 2006 Evaluation Contest (delivered as Test Speaker), Bureau of Customs, Pasay City, Metro Manila

I delivered the speech as a Test Speaker for the Evaluation Contest portion. It's my first time to speak in a venue other than in our club and I was impressed with the number of good toastmasters attending the contest. I think many of them liked the speech and felt it was more of a latter basic speech (Research Your Topic).

Speech #4 - How to Say It
Sample Speech: "Fueling the Cooking",
Mar. 15, 2006 Regular Meeting, ON Semiconductor, Carmona Cavite

The title sounds so funky, but heck I liked the topic. It's about the outdoor stove also known as the "Superkalan" that we bought and find so useful and practical for our cooking needs. And so yes I was excited to talk about it. Some of the audience wanted more of the mundane aspects though like ROI and technicalities.

Speech #5 -Your Body Speaks
Sample Speech: "Let's Go Swimming",
May 17, 2006 Extra Meeting, ON Semiconductor (Clinic), Carmona, Cavite

My first stab at a swimming topic. I've researched and gotten so much material that I had to cut so much out from the speech. And the result still had more stuff in it. No formal club meeting for this speech. It was done at the office clinic!

Speech #6 - Vocal Variety
Sample Speech: "Learn-to-Swim",
May 18, 2006 Club-Hopping, Kimberly-Clark Phils., San Pedro, Laguna

It was my first time to club-hop or attend a club outside of our own. Wow, what a truly enthusiastic bunch! I had to intro my speech with "Think Summer" because it has started to rain already and I was wearing a flowery-printed shirt.

Speech #7 - Research Your Topic
Sample Speech: "Because It Is There",
May 25, 2006 Club-Hopping, Kimberly-Clark Phils., San Pedro, Laguna

I could have used a previous project here but opted not to. I wanted a fresher topic to talk about. What fresher could be than the news of the first Pinoys to reach the Everest summit. These Pinoys were big in the local headlines just the previous weeks. I learned so much just reading about adventure treks to Mt. Everest and fascinating stories about Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary.

Speech #8 - Get Comfortable with Visual Aids
Sample Speech: "The Devil's Gardens",
Jun. 1, 2006 Demo Meeting, HSBC Call Center, Northgate, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

This time I dusted off and reused an old speech. As this project particularly required visual aids, it gave me a fresh view and chance to research more. I spent much effort working on the visuals which I thought were excellent. I even created some of my own, drawing the Chuyachaki as described. It was my first time to use visuals in a Toastmaster speech and found it a bit awkward as I was already used to speaking without them. It was also my first to deliver in a demo meeting.

Speech #9 - Persuade with Power
Sample Speech: "Jewels at the Podium",
Jun. 27, 2006 Presentation Skills Training, ON Semiconductor, Carmona, Cavite

Here's my first speaking project about speaking. The title is a play on words about a recent Korean telenovela entitled, "Jewels in the Palace". I thought the topic was very relevant and appropriate for the audience. The audience was made up of technical people who were there for a series of workshops on improving presentation skills. Many of them were surprised and inspired by the speech.

Speech #10 - Inspire Your Audience
Sample Speech: "In the Eyes of a Child, a Vision of Hope",
Jul. 4, 2006 Engineers' Workshop, ON Semiconductor, Carmona, Cavite

I've been a World Vision child sponsor for several years and giving this speech to inspire was a gamble. Not many have heard of World Vision so I wasn't so sure how the audience would take it. But I was prepared and the visual aids included the letters of correspondence with my sponsored kids, a picture folder and a testimonial poster. I was so moved in my telling the Starfish Story that my voice quivered for a second or two. But did I inspire them? Definitely! A few even inquired about the World Vision program right after the speech.

Updates on Speech#10 or, "How I moved the audience into action after inspiring them.":
  • In April, 2007, a colleague, Jerilyn Viray-Dimaculangan, decided to sponsor another child from Word Vision after reading this speech and consulting with me. The child is a 10-year old boy from Negros Occidental.
  • In March 2008, Maria Ana Dichoso, who sat in the audience during the speech, sponsored a 7-year old boy from Palawan through World Vision.
  • In December 2008, RJ Jimenez, who was also in the audience when I delivered the speech, sponsored 2 boys, aged 5 and 7, from Aklan and Himaya, Negros Occidental, respectively, through World Vision.