Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Fitness Challenge Day 23

Day 23 Breakfast Part 1 (above):
Black coffee, Bibingka with salted egg filling, topped with cheese and niyog.

Day 23 Breakfast Part 2:
Black coffee, Green leaves, Pork liempo marinated with barbecue sauce, Homemade achara, Chicken adobo and Unli white rice.

Day 23 Workout:
Morning walk to 4 am Simbang Gabi church service.

Weight Tracker
72.2 kg estimated at 5:45 am today.

LilySlim Weight charts

Estimated weight (decrease by .4 kg) only for today. Unable to record in the morning after Simbang Gabi.

In a previous post, I mentioned how it seems to be easier to eat nothing than to eat little to maintain successes in Intermittent Fasting. The reason it seems is INSULIN spikes. Here's an article that says just that.

It is also the reason why I'd rather not do the 16:8 protocol. This protocol would allow you to put all those 3 meals (even snacks!) in that 8-hour window. For me, it just gives too much leeway for multiple insulin spikes.

So for now, I'm sticking with the 21:3 protocol, or the 22:2 protocol on a good day.

How this Fitness Challenge Started