Friday, December 14, 2018

Fitness Challenge Day 19

Day 19 Breakfast:
Another two-part breakfast today.

Part 1 above: Oatmeal, Black coffee, Cheese hotdog with catsup, Siomai with toyomansi, Bicol express and White rice.

Part 2 below: Pandesal with spicy tuna filling and Puto Calasiao.

Day 19 Late Lunch:
For the first time, I broke my IF protocol and had a very late (5 pm) lunch combo of Guisadong munggo with rice and Doughnut with spaghetti. My bad.

Day 19 Workout:
Putting up Christmas decorations on curtains in the living room.

Weight Tracker
71.7 kg recorded at 5:45 am today.

LilySlim Weight charts

The above chart is looking good. I think breaking the 70 kg barrier by Christmas is doable. 😉

Last night while lying in bed, I was able to feel, for the first time, the Xiphoid Process in my sternum. That is the lowest bone in the sternum where no ribs attach. Whereas before, I was already happy feeling my Angle of Louis (sternal angle), now I'm ecstatic!

How this Fitness Challenge Started